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New River Gorgeous Trail Run In WV
July 24, 2018 New River Gorgeous Trail Run In WV

The New River Gorgeous Trail Run is a West Virginia trail race at ACE Adventure Resort on August 18. The run features three different race options, including a half marathon, 8 mile run, and 5…

Summersville Lake Multi-Sport Adventure
July 3, 2018 Summersville Lake Multi-Sport Adventure

A vacation in West Virginia is incomplete without a day spent on Summersville Lake, a breathtakingly serene body of water with undeveloped cliffs, crystal clear water, and stunning canyon views. ACE Adventure, the #1 adventure…

Wonderful Wednesdays are Back!
June 7, 2020 Wonderful Wednesdays are Back!

When it’s 3 days until the weekend and the sun is roasting, nothing beats an evening at one of West Virginia favorite family water parks. In honor of fighting the mid-week blues, we’re bringing back…

Mountain Bike Tours for Everyone
June 4, 2018 Mountain Bike Tours for Everyone

There are plenty of activities for you to choose from when you attend one of the best West Virginia family resorts, Ace Adventure Resort this summer season.

How to SUP at ACE
June 4, 2018 How to SUP at ACE

‘Sup dudes are you ready to SUP? Here at ACE we’ll get you on a Stand-Up Paddle Board in no time when you’re visiting our lake as well as Summersville Lake. Learning how to SUP…

3 Team Building Activities for Groups at ACE
May 31, 2018 3 Team Building Activities for Groups at ACE

Group outings are the way to go this summer season. Whether it’s for a reunion, a youth group, scouts, or STEM, ​Ace Adventure Resort offers a variety of team building adventure activities. Join us for…

Bridge Brew Works
May 11, 2018 Bridge Brew Works

  West Virginia Goes Belgian Belgian-style beers made in West Virginia? Difficult to imagine, perhaps, but it’s really no joke.  Bridge Brew Works creates a variety of year-round and seasonal offerings right here in Fayetteville.…


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