For over 40 years, ACE Adventure Resort has guided vacationers away from their reality into West Virginia’s great outdoors. As a family-owned and operated company, our owners’ passion for introducing folks to the world of whitewater is where it all started. Over those 40 years, our small base camp has moved locations once and created partnerships with NARR and Wildwater, two legacy rafting companies that ACE now carries on the traditions of. ACE  has now grown into a 1500-acre adventure resort with over 20 adventure activities, deluxe mountain cabins, and various dining options. 

In 1988, ACE purchased the 1,500-acre tract of land that extends into the New River Gorge. Part of the land, coined “Wonderland,” included a series of lakes, spectacular cliffs, and scenic overlooks. President Harry S. Truman used to visit one of the cabins located at Wonderland; a hunting lodge that has since become one of our most popular guest cabins. 

Through the 1990s and 2000s, the resort expanded rapidly, outpacing the growth of the whitewater rafting industry with every paddle stroke. We’ve built a lakeside dining lodge and bar, outfitter’s store, and various lodging options from beautiful cabins to mountaintop campsites. At the resort’s 5-acre lake, a water park has been created that includes: huge water slides, ziplines, inflatable water toys, and even a white sandy beach. 

We’re situated right in the heart of the New River Gorge, so we’ve been able to establish private rock climbing sites along our long stretches of cliffs on property. Thirty-five miles of recreational trail were built that join the National Park trail system that extends for many more miles. We’ve also developed a mud obstacle course, a team-building high ropes course, a disc golf course, and a paintball park. 

In 2008, ACE entered into its most significant period of growth by building the first zipline in the state of West Virginia. Our ziplines live on the rim of the New River Gorge, extending over a mile of combined cable with beautiful views of the gorge below. ACE achieved global prominence in 2012 when we set a Guinness World Record on one of our ziplines. More than 183 participants zipped along the 203-foot cable in under an hour, outnumbering the previous record of 122 participants held by Germany. 

In 2010, The Travel Channel visited the resort and ranked ACE #1 in North America among the World’s Most Extreme Outdoor-Adventure Resorts. 

In recent years, we expanded our facility to also host music festivals. Mountain Music Festival has seen a huge growth in popularity since starting in 2014. Our trail systems have also allowed us to host many different trail runs and races, including the first 100-mile race in West Virginia, Rim to River 100, in 2020. 

ACE is constantly growing in our industry and looking for new ways to explore the outdoors. After all these years, we’ve crafted what we believe to be some of the best vacations in the world. We can guarantee endless fun in these Wild & Wonderful mountains of West Virginia.