Raft The Fall Gauley River Until October 21st!
An ACE Adventure Resort raft runs Pillow Rock Rapid on a Gauley River rafting trip.
Minimum Age 6
Whitewater Rafting
An interior photo of a laurel cabin at ACE Adventure Resort.
Cabins, Camping & More
Lodging Options
Minimum Age 8
Cliffside Ziplines
Fall Gauley - The Best Rafting Of The Year!

Upper Gauley River
Full Day Rafting Trip

Starting at: $179, Min. Age 15.
Full day trip, lunch included.

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Welcome To ACE Adventure Resort


Remember the magic of summer vacation? Running barefoot through sprinklers and chasing fireflies. Back then, every day was a new adventure and details didn’t matter. THAT was freedom. Now is the time to reclaim that freedom; to share it with your family and friends.

Located on 1500 wooded acres adjacent to the New River Gorge National River our resort offers whitewater rafting trips on the New and Gauley rivers. But that’s not all! Over the years we’ve added all the outdoor adventures that our state is known for including the only zip line tours with views of the Gorge. We also host rock climbing, mountain biking, lake adventures… we even have a waterpark on base. Plus, at the end of the day, we have a range of lodging andcamping options plus dining facilities on property. So, what are you waiting for? Live free this summer at ACE Adventure Resort!

There’s a fall rafting trip just for you! Learn more below

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Minimum Age 12
Fall Gauley Season
A young boy enjoys a rafting trip on the upper new river with ace adventure resort.
Minimum Age 6
Family Friendly Rafting
a group paddles through the whitewater rapids of the lower new river
Minimum Age 9
Fall New River Gorge

West Virginia has a 5th Season… it’s called Gauley Season. For 22 days in September and October you can raft the best whitewater the country has to offer. The fun has already started, and spaces are limited. Join us for Fall Gauley Season before it’s to late! From the huge water of the Upper Gauley to the scenic Lower Gauley there’s a trip for everyone!

Fall is also an amazing time to go rafting on the New River Gorge or Upper New River. Enjoy the last days of summer or join us for Bridge Day to enjoy the fall colors and base jumpers leaping off the New River Gorge Bridge. 

Discover More Adventures
A rock climber pulls over the top of a climb at ACE Adventure Resort in the New River Gorge.
Minimum Age 8
Rock Climbing Trips
A mountain biker banks a turn on a trail at ACE Adventure Resort.
Minimum Age 10
Mountain Biking
A zipline guide at ACE Adventure Resort goofs off for the camera.
Minimum Age 8
Gorge Side Ziplines

See All Of Our Adventures

If it’s fun, and you do it outdoors, then you can probably do it at ACE Adventure Resort. We didn’t mean for things to get this big, but, we aren’t complaining. We host the only zipline tours that run along the rim of the New River Gorge. We’ve got rock climbing on base, or we’ll take you to the Lower Gorge. Want to mountain bike? Cool, you can get after it on the miles of trails we have on our property, or, we’ll take you to the purpose-built Arrowhead trails for a memorable ride.