White water rafting guest challenge Lower Keeney Rapid on the Lower New River Gorge in West Virginia.

West Virginia Whitewater Rafting Trips

New River Gorge National Park And Gauley River Rafting

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White Water Rafting In West Virginia

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West Virginia river trips are world-famous for a reason! We offer a New River Gorge trip for every experience level and Gauley River trips for those seeking a true challenge. Select a river below to learn more...

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West Virginia
Whitewater Rafting Trips

West Virginia whitewater has become world-famous, for a reason! The New River Gorge National Park and Preserve and the Gauley River National Recreation Area offer paddlers year-round opportunities to experience the undeveloped beauty of the Mountain State seasoned with the thrill of adrenaline. ACE Adventure Resort offers over 40 years of experience guiding West Virginia river trips on the New and Gauley Rivers.

We raft the New River spring, summer and fall with trips suitable for beginners, experienced and advanced rafters as well as kid-friendly options. The scenic and challenging Lower New River Gorge and the family friendly Upper New River Gorge offer scenic and exciting river trips through the 70,000 acre New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.  Our Full Day Lower New River Gorge trip  is our guest favorite and considered the best New River Gorge rafting trip.

The second river, known as the Gauley River, courses through the wild and undeveloped Gauley National Recreation Area. In the summertime, our most challenging paddling trips utilize whatever section of this river has the best water levels and conditions.. Then comes Fall Gauley Season with big whitewater for the experienced rafter on the Upper Gauley and a scenic Lower Gauley section for those newer to the sport.

About New River Whitewater Rafting - West Virginia

New River Gorge Whitewater Rafting

Are you ready for the most awe-inspiring adventure vacation of your life? Our most popular trip, whitewater rafting on the New River Gorge, has earned the title for several great reasons:

First, The New River Gorge has the longest whitewater season around, and there’s always enough water for fun.

Second, river trips are available for all ages because the Upper New River Gorge section is suitable for kids as young as 6 years old while the Lower New River Gorge section will entertain even the most experienced whitewater rafter.

Third, the scenery you’ll encounter as you journey through this 1,000 foot deep rugged gorge is breath-taking. Undeveloped sandstone cliffs are viewed from the New River and guests are often joined by wildlife like bald eagles, deer and beavers!

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The "Gorge"

A small raft crashes through waves in Lower Keeney rapid on a New River Gorge white water rafting trip in West Virginia with ACE Adventure Resort

Lower New River Gorge Whitewater Rafting

West Virginia whitewater gained its fame from the fun-filled river journey served up by the Lower, “Gorge” section of the New River. It’s not our most challenging trip, it’s not the easiest, but it always hits the whitewater sweet spot. Here’s why:

To begin with, this is a high volume river, much bigger than other rivers rafted in the Eastern United States. That means rafters experience giant waves, and longer rapids then you’ll find on rivers like the Ocoee or Nantahala. Hint: The biggest water is found during Spring Rafting!

Next, river running in the New River Gorge provides an immersive day-cation. Unlike many river trips that last only a couple of hours, the Lower New River Gorge provides more adventure for the buck. A complimentary riverside lunch is served on our full day trips and when you aren’t running rapids you’ll be leaping from jump rock into the river, swimming some of the smaller rapids and even catching a view of the famous New River Gorge Bridge!

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Upper New River Gorge Whitewater Rafting

Two young girls play on the upper new river a popular west virginia whitewater rafting kids raft free rafting trip.

Family Rafting! Kids raft FREE on the Upper New River.

Is West Virginia whitewater rafting only for grownups? Of course not! The kid-friendly Upper New River Gorge provides a fun-filled, relaxing day on the river with just a tad of whitewater excitement! And, to make this trip even better, kids raft for free*!

Kiddos as young as 6 years old can join this adventure, and we guarantee you it’s a day they will never forget. All trips include a complimentary river lunch but they’ll hardly remember the meal because there’s so much fun on the water.

There’s a pint-sized version of jump rock to leap from, and plenty of beginner-friendly rapids plus so much time for games on our rafts and inflatable kayaks. Here’s the chance to make lifetime memories with the little ones, or, have a relaxing float trip with more timid beginners.

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* A child age 6-11 years old rafts free with each full paying adult. This offer excludes Saturdays and some holidays.

Gauley River Rafting

An aerial view of a rafting running iron ring rapid while gauley river rafting in West Virginia.

Gauley River Whitewater Rafting

The second river that has become an icon in West Virginia Whitewater Rafting courses through the wild and undeveloped Gauley National Recreation Area. The flow is dam controlled and it’s water flows from the crystal clear Summersville Lake.

In the summertime, our most challenging rafting trips utilize whatever section of the river has the best water levels and conditions. We call this our Team Extreme Whitewater Challenge and it’s the most difficult option we offer.

But the Gauley River is truly known for a special time of year. Known as Gauley Season, each fall “Gauley” becomes the only word on the tongues of whitewater fans around the world. And it’s all because this is absolutely the biggest, most exciting river trip offered commercially in the United States.

During the Fall, Gauley River whitewater is rafted on two sections. The First is the Lower Gauley River that is truly an undiscovered secret. The waves are big, the rapids long.

The second is the world famous Upper Gauley River that offers 5 of the most challenging rapids guided by commercial rafters in the U.S. delivered in a scenic, wilderness adventure.

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The Legendary Gauley River

A raft paddles directly into iron ring rapid during a fall gauley river rafting trip in west virginia.

Upper Gauley Whitewater Rafting

There is only one Gauley River. There is only on Gauley Season. Fall Upper Gauley River whitewater rafting is the peak experience of West Virginia whitewater rafting and widely accepted as the biggest rafting challenge of the entire year.

Fall Gauley Season, that occurs each year in September and October, is centered around guaranteed water releases from Summersville Dam that fuel, giant technical rapids of the river’s most challenging stretch… The Upper Gauley River.

Fall Upper Gauley River rafting occurs for a limited time, and with limited spaces, as the dam only has guaranteed releases 6 weekends a year. Don’t miss the chance to run 12 miles of river with over 31 named rapids, including 5 of Class V rapids. (The most difficult rapids run commercially).

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Scenic and Exciting Gauley Trips

An aerial view as an ACE Adventure Resort raft enters Cliffside Rapid on a Lower Gauley rafting trip in West Virginia.

Fall Lower Gauley River Trips

While the Upper Gauley River is known for its extreme whitewater and steep drops, the Lower Gauley River is known for its dramatic scenery. During Gauley Season every September and October, this section of river transforms into one of the most scenic places to raft in our area. And that’s saying something.

But this isn’t just a scenic float trip. You’ll experience plenty of excitement while running the Lower Gauley River. With 3 Class V rapids, you’ll be playing on some of the most fun whitewater around. And, with breathtaking places like Canyon Doors, you’ll see why the Lower Gauley is known for its beauty as well as its adventure.

Gauley Season only happens once a year, don’t miss your chance to raft the Lower Gauley and see some of the best places in West Virginia that are only accessible by running the river!

There's A River Trip For Everyone!

A family enjoys white water rafting west virginia style on the upper new river gorge.

There’s A Whitewater River Rafting Trip For Every Comfort Level!

Check Out These Kid-Friendly Rafting Trips For Kids As Young As 6!

The Upper New River provides white water river adventures for families with kids ages 6 and up, so your squad can take on the Upper New as a full day or an overnight adventure. And, the best part? Kids raft free* on a full day Upper New River trip! Or, if your kids aren’t so little anymore, you can paddle the Lower New, or the Lower Gauley River. Either way, family vacations are better on the river.

* A child age 6-11 years old rafts free with each full paying adult (excludes Saturdays).

Exciting Whitewater Trips For Beginners!

So you’ve never rafted before and you’re feeling a little timid? No problem. The Upper New River Gorge is a great place for kids of all ages.  Feeling a bit more confident? The Lower New or Lower Gauley River are great options!

Trips For Experienced Rafters

Did you know that the New River Gorge runs even bigger in the springtime? Like 16′ tall wave bigger? Have you heard of the mighty Upper Gauley River, the biggest river we run? This is your place

The Most Challenging River Trips We Offer…

The Summer Gauley is a river trip that ACE Adventure Resort pioneered and over the years it’s become the iconic river adventure for those seeking a true challenge. We warned you…

3 seasons of amazing whitewater!

When we hear the words spring, summer, and fall, all we hear is “whitewater”. With three seasons of whitewater, each with their own unique traits, it’s always a great time to be on the river with ACE.

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