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Gauley River Rafting

Choose The Upper Or Lower Gauley River

Choose between the most challenging whitewater rafting of the year on the Upper Gauley River or a scenic, wilderness adventure on the Lower Gauley River suitable for newer rafters. The biggest water comes during Fall Gauley Season with guaranteed dam released river levels from September until the middle of October each year. Gauley River rapids are an adventure like no other!

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About Fall Gauley River Whitewater Rafting

Fall Gauley River Whitewater Rafting

This is it. Fall Upper Gauley River rafting in West Virginia is more than a rafting trip. More than a vacation. It’s a whitewater milestone of the most remote, challenging and technical whitewater rafting run commercially in United States. This is no lazy river tube ride. This is serious class V whitewater rafting. Previous experience is highly recommended… and the reward is huge.

Our Most Popular Fall Gauley Trip

Fall Upper Gauley River
Whitewater Rafting
Full Day

Min Age: 15 Yrs.

Duration: Full Day

Meals(S): Free Lunch

This full-day excursion will satisfy your need for whitewater. With all the great scenery, incredible class III-V whitewater, a visit to jump rock, and a riverside lunch, this trip is the peak of whitewater rafting for the seasoned boaters alike.