Fall Gauley Rafting Begins Sept. 7th!
An ACE Adventure Resort raft runs Pillow Rock on the Upper Gauley River.

Upper Gauley Rafting

Min. Age 15, Starting at $109 per person

Fall Upper Gauley River Rafting

This is it. Fall Upper Gauley River rafting in West Virginia is more than a rafting trip. More than a vacation. It’s a whitewater milestone of the most remote, challenging and technical whitewater rafting run commercially in United States. This is no lazy river tube ride. This is serious class V whitewater rafting. Previous experience is highly recommended… and the reward is huge.

Trips starting at: $119 per person.
Min. Age 15

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Rafts run scenic Canyon Doors rapid on the Lower Gauley River with ACE Adventure Resort.

Lower Gauley Rafting

Min. Age 12, Starting at $169 per person

Fall Lower Gauley River Rafting

A little tamer than the Upper but just as fun than the Lower Gauley River is perfect for you! Not everybody is looking for a white-knuckle whitewater experience. If you’d like to have a blast riding giant waves in the remote and scenic backcountry of West Virginia this trip is for you. It’s suitable for beginning rafters, and it only comes around 2 months out of the year!

Trips starting at: $109 per person.
Min. Age 12

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An ACE Adventure Resort raft beached at their scenic overnight campsite on the Gauley River of West Virginia.

Overnight Fall Gauley Trips

Min. Age 15, Starting at $359 per person

Fall Gauley River Overnights

How can a Gauley River rafting trip get any better? Well, you run the river, spend the night under the stars, on the banks of the Gauley, then get up and do it again! Our Gauley River overnights are a trip like none other. You’ll kick back around the fire while our guides cook a spectacular meal. Then spend some time with friends, old and new, until your retire to your tent and fall asleep to the sound of a bubbling river.

Trips starting at: $395 per person.
Min. Age 15

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Featured Fall Gauley Trips

Min. Age 15, Starting at $169 per person

Featured Fall Gauley Trips

Some folks just can’t get enough Gauley River rafting in a typical trip. Friend, we understand you… and we have a few trips for you. If you really want to soak in the Gauley experience try the Marathon (the Upper AND Lower in a single day) or our Double Upper (1 day, 2 Upper Gauley runs). These trips are not for the timid. You’ve been warned…

Trips starting at: $169 per person.
Min. Age 15

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2018 Fall Gauley Release Dates
The 2018 Fall Gauley River Release calendar from ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

Fall Gauley Releases Are Limited!

What’s Gauley Season? Only the biggest seasonal whitewater event in the country! Each fall the Summerville Dam is cracked open for a few weekends of guaranteed world-class whitewater-making releases! The Upper Gauley will offer up some of the steepest, technical and continuous rapids run commercially, while the Lower Gauley becomes a wave train of rollercoaster-like scenic paddling.

With water releases exclusive to September and October weekends, Fall Gauley Season is a pulse of whitewater adrenaline you’ve got to grab before it’s gone.

Having fun at ACE's Wonderland Waterpark.
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An interior photo of a laurel cabin at ACE Adventure Resort.
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A zipline guide at ACE Adventure Resort goofs off for the camera.
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