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Paintball Wars, Cave Tours, and More! 5 Obscure Activities at ACE
November 2, 2018 Paintball Wars, Cave Tours, and More! 5 Obscure Activities at ACE

ACE Adventure Resort is widely regarded as the home to world-class whitewater rafting, but our team has meticulously crafted dozens of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by thrill-seekers of all ages. By now you’ve…

Bridge Day: America’s Most Exhilarating Festival
October 19, 2018 Bridge Day: America’s Most Exhilarating Festival

Everyone’s favorite weekend is fast approaching here in the beautiful West Virginian Appalachian Mountains. On the third Saturday of October, the small town of Fayetteville, home to the breathtaking New River Gorge Bridge, hosts the annual Bridge Day. Base jumping and rappelling daredevils from across the country showcase their unique abilities and admirable bravery in front of thousands of onlookers as they leap off the New River Gorge Bridge, 900 feet above the river bed. ACE Adventure Resort is Fayetteville’s premier provider of cabins, cottages, and camping for this world-renowned outdoor festival.

Fall Zip Lining in WV
October 19, 2022 Fall Zip Lining in WV

Zip lining is unquestionably the premier year-round extreme sport here in West Virginia, and everyone’s favorite season is fast approaching. The dog days of summer will soon be replaced with the coziness of autumn. ACE Adventure Resort proudly offers breathtaking Zip Line Canopy Tours in the New River Gorge. Extreme sports addicts and autumn enthusiasts alike will forever cherish the time they ventured into the vast, colorful Appalachian Mountain wilderness for a weekend of fall zip lining in WV.

Summersville Lake Multi-Sport Adventure
July 3, 2018 Summersville Lake Multi-Sport Adventure

A vacation in West Virginia is incomplete without a day spent on Summersville Lake, a breathtakingly serene body of water with undeveloped cliffs, crystal clear water, and stunning canyon views. ACE Adventure, the #1 adventure…

3 Reasons to Add ACE to your World Jamboree Visit
March 1, 2018 3 Reasons to Add ACE to your World Jamboree Visit

In just over a year, the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Fayette County will welcome hundreds of thousands of scouts and their parents to West Virginia. In 2009 the Boy Scouts of America purchased a hefty portion of land next to West Virginia’s New River Gorge National River where they created this Reserve to host as their location for innovation, achievement, and adventure.

Gearing Up For Winter On The Mountain
October 22, 2017 Gearing Up For Winter On The Mountain

We’re kind of in that short position where it’s still autumn but winter’s snow hasn’t coated the ground, yet, but we’re gearing up for the best winter season on the mountain. Plus, we’re open all year! Not just when the whitewater is flowing, and the rapids are calling your name. This time though, you might want to give our cozy WV Cabins a try here at Ace Adventure Resort.

3 Awesome Winter Activities You’ll Enjoy
November 17, 2017 3 Awesome Winter Activities You’ll Enjoy

We know winter can seem like a fuss. There is snow and driving in it doesn’t seem to be the best, but the most significant part about the jolliest season around is going on a fantastic getaway to a beautiful resort like Ace Adventure Resort! Here are three of our top adventure activities you’ll enjoy this winter season!

Raft and Brew
June 23, 2017 Raft and Brew

Just like the title of this blog post says, there are truly no two better than rafting and a brew. Here at Ace Adventure Resort not only can you raft down the New River Gorge all day long, but you can enjoy a tall cold one at the end of the day. Join in on one of our fantastic adventure activities then have some fun at the end of the day because your experience doesn’t end when the paddles go away.