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3 Awesome Winter Activities You’ll Enjoy


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We know winter can seem like a fuss. There is snow and driving in it doesn’t seem to be the best, but the most significant part about the jolliest season around is going on a fantastic getaway to a beautiful resort like Ace Adventure Resort! Here are three of our top adventure activities you’ll enjoy this winter season!

With average winter temperatures in the 40’s, and not much snow throughout the season, ACE makes the perfect place to travel to get away from all that snow and still spend time outdoors! Just make sure to bring warmer clothes as the temperatures can drop during the night. So, you’ll want to have lots of layers to keep warm!

Fly through the Sky

One of our favorite winter activities happens to be Zip Lining! Did you know that this is not only one of our favorite events in the summer but it’s also year round? Not only are you situated on the rim of the Gorge, but once the leaves drop to the ground, you’ll be able to see for miles! It makes wintertime zips so much fun because you can genuinely see how spectacular the scenery can be! To add even more fun to your trip, we also offer nighttime trips on through the mountaintop. Bundle up and get to cruising through the woods when you opt to spend the day zooming through the skies! Whether it’s during the daytime or once the sun goes down you’ll love trying this wild mountain adventure, just don’t forget to bring your camera to document the events.

Indoor Adventure Activities Await

Get ready to think, solve, and figure out how to escape the room. Escape rooms have become quite popular these last few years, and it’s an excellent way for a group to connect and work together through team building activities. When you enjoy some time at the Escap-a-torium in the New River Gorge, you’ll love working together as a team to escape the room by solving puzzles, and finding clues to help further your goal before the time runs out!  


Indoor adventures continue with a few games at Pinhead’s Bowling. Bowling is a great way to get the family together to enjoy so much needed bonding time. Whether you strike one out or you get a gutter ball, it’s all fun when you’re spending time with the fam! At Pinheads they even offer an excellent Family night on Sunday’s, as well as, family cosmic bowling on Friday and Saturdays from 6:30-8:30 pm. If you’re in town with friends and looking for something to do as adults, hit up the Adult cosmic bowling from 9:00-11:00 pm, and top it off with a brew or two, to light up your night. So, grab a pair of bowling shoes and a ball, and get to rolling!

Hiking and Biking in the Winter

Whether you’re a big hiker or just a novice, you’ll love spending some time hiking through the woods around our property or heading into the New River Gorge National Park. With lots of trail options to choose from you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you! You’ll want to make sure you have waterproof boots during winter, as it’s not uncommon for there to be mud. Especially if you’re mountain biking, we recommend having multiple sets of clothing as you might get dirty!


No matter what you pick to do this winter, take a trip to Ace Adventure Resort for some fantastic adventure activities! From zip lining to beautiful hiking and biking, you’ll love getting out and exploring the great outdoors during your vacation to the New River Gorge. Book your winter getaway today and check out our marvelous winter and seasonal specials for our lodging. We can’t wait for you to enjoy this season just as much as us!

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