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Winter In West Virginia Is Better


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If you’ve visited West Virginia or ACE Adventure Resort before, chances are you visited during the summer, or maybe the spring or fall. But, winter in West Virginia, and specifically in the New River Gorge Region is not a season to be missed. Check out our top five favorite things about winter in The New River Gorge:

Zip along the New River Gorge.


  1. Enjoy seclusion! You can get away without the crowds during the winter in the New River Gorge. That means little to no wait times at some of the incredible restaurants in Fayetteville. And, it means you don’t have to worry about some dude with a fanny pack photo bombing your photo at one of the incredible trails within the New River Gorge National River.
  2. The cabins! Mountain cabins are cozier after a day outdoors and  during ACE’s “off-season” (henceforth referred to as Cozy Season), you can stay in one of our select cabins buy one night get TWO night free! Seriously. Bring your family and friends and stay in one of our larger cabins, or opt for a cozy getaway in one of our smaller ones. All our cabins come equipped with a hot tub, so you can put the “Cozy” in “Cozy Season”. And, with your own kitchen or kitchenette, you’ll have a place to prepare your own meals.
  3. Ziplining. When the leaves fall off the trees, ACE becomes an even better spot to go ziplining! The panoramic views of the New River Gorge (ACE is the only place on the planet where you can see the New River Gorge while ziplining!) open up even more when the trees are bare. Bonus: we’ll even take you ziplining in the snow, just make sure to bundle up!
  4. Trail Life! Hike at ACE Adventure Resort, where miles of trails with views of The New River Gorge can be found. You can also rent a bike from ACE’s Welcome Center and check out our trails on wheels! Or, hike the trails within the New River Gorge National River, where you can see incredible views of the New River Gorge Bridge, as well as the sandstone cliffs that surround the Gorge.
  5. The Weather. Winter weather in West Virginia can be unpredictable, but that’s the fun in it! One day you can be experiencing high temperatures of 65 degrees while hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing, the next you could be snowshoeing on one of our trails. Locals like to joke that West Virginia is one of the few places you can experience all 4 seasons in 24 hours-you just never know what you’re going to get in the winter!

Experience the fun and beauty of West Virginia during the Winter at ACE Adventure Resort!

A couple enjoys a cabin hot tub at ACE during the winter in West Virginia.
By the way, most cabins have hot tubs!
Haynes Mansfield, author and Marketing Director at ACE Adventure Resort
BY Haynes Mansfield

Haynes moved to West Virginia in 2001 to spend a summer as a guide and video boater in the whitewater rafting on the New and Gauley Rivers. One summer became nineteen and he made the New River Gorge his home.

After transitioning into the 9 to 5 marketing agency life in 2005, he is now serving as the Marketing Director at ACE Adventure Resort. You’ll also find him fishing, trail running, and gardening.