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Winter brings a nostalgia of snow-angels, hot cocoa, and cozy cabins nestled deeps in the woods surrounded by a stunning wonderland of white snow. This year, if you’re looking for your next cozy winter location, here at Ace Adventure Resort, we have some of the best WV cabins for you! You’ll enjoy snuggling up in the comforts of the sheets or relaxing in a peaceful

Location is a Must

While we do get some snow in the winter season, you’ll love that our spot in the West Virginian mountains makes for a milder winter. With temperatures hovering in the mid-60s, shorts might not be ideal, but you’ll still get to enjoy the great outdoors! Plus our lovely neighboring town of Fayetteville has fabulous events to enjoy throughout our cozy season as well as delicious eateries and spots to grab a drink, if you haven’t already appreciated a spirit or two, at The Lost Paddle.

Cabins, Oh My!

We’ve got a few WV cabins and cottages for you to choose from when you vacation with us before or after the new year. Our group cabins can get everyone feeling toasty with soft bedding and sleeping quarters for more than just two people. Featuring large bunking accommodations and room for up to 16 in some of our larger bunkhouses, no matter the size we can make sure you enjoy your time here without worry about fitting everyone! If you’re a smaller group, our cozy cottages will be what you’re looking for, especially if it’s just for two! Most of our accommodations offer hot tubs for relaxing night in, during your stay, plus, hot tubs can be used year-round but they’re extra cozy in the wintertime!

Whether you need extra space or just a cozy spot for two we’ve got everything to make your winter dream vacation come true. Top our cabins with an adventure or two through the rugged New River Gorge, and you’ve got a trip you won’t ever forget! Book your stay with us at Ace Adventure Resort, and we’ll make sure you have incredible WV cabins to keep you toasty and cozy this winter season.

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