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The Monsters Of Nightmare In The Gorge, Part 2


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Nightmare in the Gorge is ready to scare southern West Virginia with over 30 terrifying monsters.  This Fall ACE Adventure Resort invites you to enter the twisting and turning dark passages where you will meet the Mad Butcher and his cannibalistic family. Your next nightmare begins Friday, October 11th and these characters will haunt your nightmares long after your visit.

The Rehmeyer Family

The Mad Butcher has no doubt been the main character in the haunted attraction for the last few years. When you enter his world you will be met with a clan of horrific hillbilly characters and creatures who all stem from the Mad Butcher. The fictional Rehmeyer family at Nightmare in the Gorge is supposed to be the Butcher’s family and friends. But there is actually a real Rehmeyer family with a ghostly tale.

The creator of Nightmare in the Gorge, Chris Colin, grew up in Southern Pennsylvania down the street from where the infamous Hex murders happened. In 1929 witch doctor, Nelson Rehmeyer was the victim of a murder where the culprits claimed the house burned in a fire. When they returned the next day the house was still standing to their amazement. The murder sparked a book, documentary and even a Hollywood movie called Apprentice to Murder. When Chris started doing ACE’s haunted attraction 5 years ago it was only natural to put a little bit of home into the story here in West Virginia.


StakeHead grew up in the railroad town of Thurmond where spirits and voices told him to murder the tourists and sightseers who came to visit this “Ghost Town” Funny they are now the ghosts and spirits who wander that old town. His weapon of choice had always been a hammer along with the railroad spikes he found readily available on the tracks outside his home. He joins the Rehmeyer family in the fall to hunt the last of the tourists for the season and fill his freezer for winter.

Crusty the Clown

Crusty is one of the best workers at the Wonderland Waterpark. He was a former clown with a traveling circus that went bankrupt. Nelson Rehmeyer invited him to stay with his family watching and entertaining the kids. Crusty loves running around making guests laugh and he can be heard blowing his antique car horn all around the New River Gorge.

Zona Heaster Shue

The Greenbrier Ghost is the name popularly given to the alleged ghost of a young woman in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, who was murdered in 1897. Initially judged a death by natural causes, the court later declared that the woman had been murdered by her husband, following testimony by the victim’s mother. During this testimony she claimed that her daughter’s spirit revealed the true cause of death. Zona haunts the hills and hollers of the New River Gorge warning would be victims to murder.

Opening Night – Friday October 11th

The scary fun is happening EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY in October at ACE Adventure Resort. Our monsters are hungry and waiting to meet you. Nightmare in the Gorge is also turning off the lights Saturday, November 2nd where your group must find their way with only the light of a single glow stick. Tickets are on sale now for ONLY $15 adults/$13 kids. See you in your dreams!

Chris Colin author at aceraft.com
BY Chris Colin

Chris Colin is a raft guide, whitewater kayaker, active caver, and as Special Events Coordinator at ACE he manages, promotes, and executes special events like the Mountain Music Festival.