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The Monsters Of Nightmare In The Gorge


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Nightmare in the Gorge brings out the scariest batch of monsters West Virginia has ever seen. This Fall ACE Adventure Resort invites you to play with our monsters in the massive Warehouse of Terror Haunted House Attraction. Over 30 monsters will be waiting in the maze for you to wander past and become their next victim. Dare to enter the Mad Butcher’s domain along with the Rehmeyer family who will haunt your nightmares long after your visit. Will you be brave enough to make it to the end?

The Mad Butcher

One of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in West Virginia happened right in our backyard. The Mad Butcher has been responsible for missing people and murders in the New River Gorge area since the 1960’s. Often people would go missing in this area and their whole bodies are never found, just pieces. The Mad Butcher had spent many of his early years in and out of the old Asylum in Weston.

When he was just 12 he graduated to murder and killed his first person in the year 1962. His family had him committed to The Weston State Hospitalhttp://trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com/ but he disappeared from there after only staying a few months. He returned to his home in the New River Gorge where he murdered his parents and older siblings. Three small children were left alive and The Butcher raised them in the hidden hollers of southern West Virginia. He has raised his family to survive by eating the meat they harvest from victims they lure into their barn during the fall months. Today this twisted and deranged family comes out to find more victims each October at ACE Adventure Resort’s haunted house attraction.

Amy Rehmeyer

Amy is a member of Rehmeyer family and longs for the days she can leave the family house to start a family of her own. Amy is a beautiful young lady who does not suffer the same deformities as the rest of the family. Don’t let her looks deceive you though as she is a vicious and deadly killer. She loves to taunt and tease her victims before killing them. She often makes the family’s victims think she is there to help them only to lead them to their ultimate fate of death. You might find Amy torturing her next victim when you visit the family home.

Borris the Creature

Borris is one of the most deformed and horrifying looking members of the Rehmeyer family. His skin is falling off forcing him to staple his rotting flesh back onto his body. A rare disease causes Borris to suffer from open sores and an exposed brain. Borris is always in tremendous pain that he wants you to feel. The family keeps Borris hidden in the local mine shafts bringing him food scraps from their many victims. Look for Borris in the dark corners of the Warehouse of Terror.


Meet the Executioner during your Nightmare in the Gorge this fall. He was a deranged patient from the Weston Mental Health Hospital where he was receiving treatment for numerous tortuous murders he had committed. He had met and befriended The Mad Butcher at this insane asylum. When the Executioner escaped the mental institution he was able to find refuge with the Rehmeyer family deep in the hollers of the New River Gorge. You will find the Executioner hunting for new victims and looking to cut his prey into pieces inside the Warehouse of Terror.


One of the scariest members of the Rehmeyer family is a child dressed in a giant bunny costume. Fluffy grew up in the hollers of West Virginia as part of the Rehmeyer family. He has never left his home and knows nothing but the cannibalistic and murderous tendencies taught to him by the rest of the family. He often befriends other children luring them into his family home. Fluffy loves stalking tourists and turning them into victims for the terrifying family.

Opening Night – Friday October 11th

The scary fun kicks off at ACE Adventure Resort Friday, October 11th. The monsters are hungry and waiting for you. Nightmare in the Gorge will be open Fridays & Saturdays for the rest of October with our special Lights Out night on November 2nd. Tickets are on sale now for ONLY $15 adults/$13 kids. Bring your friends but expect to leave alone!

Chris Colin author at aceraft.com
BY Chris Colin

Chris Colin is a raft guide, whitewater kayaker, active caver, and as Special Events Coordinator at ACE he manages, promotes, and executes special events like the Mountain Music Festival.