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Adventurous Retreat Venues near Me: ACE


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ACE Adventure Resort remains a beacon of light in the heart of West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains. As one of the most beloved adventure-based vacation destinations in the country, ACE has welcomed thousands of corporate travelers over the years. Simply searching for “retreat venues near me” never quite yields necessary results, particularly if you’re looking for a locale that specializes in outdoor team-building activities. We’re happy to report that you won’t find a more suitable destination for your next business retreat than ACE’s 1,500-acre wonderland.

10 Outdoor Team-Building Activities

Countless Fortune 500 companies and rapidly-growing small businesses across the East Coast are swapping sleepy off-site boardroom gatherings with true team-building. Experiencing something memorable, unique, and undeniably thrilling is what brings a team closer. Enhancing our relationships, with nary a thought about the office, provides the glue needed to row together toward a common goal. “Rowing the boat in the same direction” is an oft-used analogy, but it remains truthful. At ACE, one of the finest retreat venues “near me,” teams can literally row together on the wild rapids of the jaw-dropping New River Gorge. Our team of guiding experts have years of experience leading corporate groups, whether that’s on the rapids, on the trails, or on the rock wall. Here are 10 unique team-building activities that are sure to take things to the next level:

Large Meeting Spaces and Luxury Log Cabins

As one of the most adventurous retreat venues “near me,” ACE Adventure Resort proudly boasts 1,500 acres of private New River Gorge landscape. The most alluring on-site locales for team meetings, luncheons, and pre- and post-activity relaxation is inside one of our classic West Virginia vacation rentals. The famous Truman Lodge sleeps 16 individuals, with ample private acreage for some exterior team-building. Red Fox, Grey Fox, Black Bear, and Aspen Log Home also allure large groups, mainly corporate leadership teams. You’ll discover an array of crowd-pleasing features, such as outdoor hot tubs, full kitchens, covered decks, and private greenspace. The Lost Paddle is also a common gathering place for meals and quick breakout sessions. Corporate businesses should also check out our equipment rentals, New River Gorge campsites, and multi-day packages.

The Finest Retreat Venues “near Me”

With so many companies, large and small, working remotely for months at a time, there’s never been a more critical time to gatherer together in the West Virginia backcountry. We’re always here to help curate a list of potential team outing ideas. Most of our activities and lodging options are geared toward groups of six to 10, perfect for the boardroom or an individual team or department. With adventure travel reaching a plateau, remember to inquire about a group outing at your earliest convenience. Oftentimes, the best way to get the ball rolling on an off-site retreat is to call us directly at 800-787-3982. A fully-customizable trip into the Appalachian Mountains will unquestionably lead to one of the most profitable quarters in your company’s history!

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