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3 Team Building Activities for Groups at ACE


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Group outings are the way to go this summer season. Whether it’s for a reunion, a youth group, scouts, or STEM, ​Ace Adventure Resort offers a variety of team building adventure activities. Join us for a fun summer full of West Virginia adventure. You’ll be in for a treat with these three crazy team building activities to get to you moving!

A group of school kids traverse the mud obstacle course as a team on at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

Muddy-Good West Virginia Adventures

Ace is known for whitewater rafting down some of the most beautiful rivers in the country. When it comes to team building, your group will want to enjoy our ​Mud Obstacle Course.​ Conquer your fears as a group, and make your way through the course all together! Just don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. Sometimes fun involves some mud here at ACE!


Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Whether it’s a kids youth group or a bunch of office employees, you’ll want to try out our Half Day and All Day ​Team Building Challenge Course​! You’ll get to experience games and a low ropes course where you’ll be pushed to your group’s comfort zone. Once your time through the course is complete debriefing session occurred to help learn more about personal growth and how to achieve goals. Plus you’ll learn more about how to apply these fantastic skills to the real world! From school to work life, there are lots of ways to grow, as a team, and become stronger, together!

Two college students from University of Charleston climb up the Ropes Challenge Course during a team building West Virginia Adventure at ACE Adventure Resort.

Sky High on the Gorge

There is nothing like getting a group together to traverse the New River Gorge, but this time around take it to a new height with our ​Bridge Catwalk Tours​. You’ll be strapped into a harness with safety cables and experience the panoramic views of the gorge for miles as you walk the bridge. It’s a great team building event for those who are a little nervous of heights and creates a lesson that you can use to help your group become one by ensuring everyone will make it while catching the stunning vistas of West Virginia!

A family views the Gorge from above on a New River Bridge Cat Walk Tour with ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

Whether you’re here for a meeting, a reunion, or you’re just ready to enjoy some healthy competition and team building, we’ve got it all here at ​ACE​. From challenge courses that test strength, resilience, and unity, to conquering fears and bonding with your teammates, ACE is the place this summer for a rowdy time with friends and coworkers! Embark on a journey you’ll never forget with our West Virginia adventures!

A student rappels down the Alpine Tower at the Team Challenge Course at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

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