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Group Outing Ideas in West Virginia


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Going on a trip with a large travel group can be a ton of fun, whether it’s due to your big family, a company outing, or an enthusiastic group of friends. However, planning for a big group on vacation can be tougher than for a small group, because more people have to weigh in on decisions, there are more people to transport, and more. So, why not make the decisions for your group’s trip ahead of time to avoid problems later? Here at ACE Adventure Resort, we’ll have the scheduling down to a science for you while you focus on having fun–so check out our group outing ideas for some of the best West Virginia day trips. 

Year-Round Group Outing Ideas 

These options aren’t inhibited by the weather. While it might make a difference in the clothes you’re wearing, you’ll still have a ton of fun, whether it’s warm or cool outside. If you’re with your coworkers, sign up for a full day of the Team Challenge Course, where you can work on team building together. Or, opt for Paintball to ramp up some friendly competition. Gorgeside Zipline Tours, the Evening Rappel, and the Bridgewalk on the New River Gorge Bridge are all enchanting and fun things to do as a group in West Virginia. 

Ideas For Spring Through Fall 

Luckily, the weather in West Virginia is temperate enough where we can be out most of the year without having to worry about freezing, especially as we are keeping you active on our adventures! With your group, sign up for a half or full day of white water rafting in the Lower New River Gorge. Climb and rappel either the Upper or Lower New River Gorge, or sign up for the Guided Endless Wall Trail Hike to get your adrenaline pumping. Balance along the rim of the Gorge, and climb down the cliffsides on a ladder. 

Summer Group Outing Ideas 

Summer is the bomb here at ACE Adventure Resort, because nothing limits your possibilities. You and your group can do everything listed above, but keep in mind there are a few things you can only take advantage of in the summer. For example, the Mud Obstacle Course and the Group Whitewater Kayaking Clinic, because getting muddy and wet in the winter wouldn’t be nearly as fun as cooling off in the summer. 

West Virginia Resorts 

When you’re looking for excellent group outing ideas, ACE Adventure Resort is the place to start. If you like, you can browse our budgeted group lodging options as well, so you can easily begin and end your day at ACE Adventure Resort without having to worry about traveling. Give us a call at 800-787-3982 or visit us on our website for more group outing ideas.

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