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Getting Ready for Gauley Season!


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Can you hear it? The roar of whitewater rumbling over boulders and paddles smacking rocks. That’s the Gauley calling your name. And that means it’s time to make a trip to the wild West Virginia mountains!

While you’re waiting for the weather to cool down and the water to amp up, we’re getting ready for a great season! As summer comes to a close, the waters of the Gauley River kick into gear, which means white water rafting in West Virginia is back in action. There is no better place to enjoy the beautiful Gauley River than at Ace Adventure Resort, here in the heart of West Virginia.

Get Your Gauley On!

Our Guides are getting ready as well, this means that more of them are coming to experience the Gauley and help steer you in the right direction for rafting. With some of the world most amazing white water, you’ll love that our guides are getting as excited as you are!

Plus, our 12’ boats are also on their way to fall season. These boats only hold four people as you rush over boulders and splash into the cold waters below. Just the anticipation of a Gauley trip is worth the vacation to our adventure resort.

As you paddle your way to victory, you’ll get to see the amazing carved sheets of stone, and feel the power of the river as it moves you down stream. Our Gauley trips span half day to all day adventures, or you can enjoy our overnight packages which will get you more water time over a two day period. That’s more days to feel the adrenaline kicking and heart-pounding action.

Plus, what better way to experience this thrill, than with those you care about? Whether it’s a family trip to our resort or you’re bringing your friends along for the ride, our white water rafting in West Virginia is amazing, and you won’t want to miss out this Fall. We’re getting ready for Gauley season, are you? Book your fall tickets today, before the water turns to ice!

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