• ACE Adventure Resort Group Planning
    The Key to Our Success… YOU!

    Every year, several thousands of special people take on the task of planning a vacation with ACE for family, friends or coworkers. We know what kind of dedication it takes to organize a group and we thank you.

    We have some great planning resources and tools like sign-up sheets and games you can play on your drive to ACE.

    Make Your Group Plans to visit ACE Adventure Resort

    This will help you get all of your group details organized so you know what activities work best for all of you.
    This has an overview of everything you need to know from the time you book your trip until you arrive at ACE.
    ACE Group Planing - What to Think About

    Once you have all the details about your group and know what you want to do, give us a call at 1-800-787-3982 or email and we'll walk you through the reservation process.

    We can help you:
    Check availability for dates
    Develop your itinerary
    Book your trip
    Download Tax Exempt Form (for non-profit groups only)
    Download Confirmation Booklet (will answer most questions)
    Make your deposit (required within 10 days upon making reservation)
    Review your electronic confirmation (double check all dates and times)
    Non-profit groups send us a copy of your Tax Exempt Form back to ACE (please write your confirmation number on the top when you fax this sheet back to ACE at 1-304-469-3053).
  • ACE Adventure Group Planning Help

    (make copies for each participant)

    Once your reservation and deposit are complete, you will want to get all the information to all of the adventure participants in your group. Download the Roster Sheet to help you keep track of everyone. We recommend you put together an Adventure Packet for every group member to make sure you all arrive at ACE with proper paperwork, attire, etc.

    Each Group Member Adventure Packet should include:
    The Adventure Itinerary (call or email ACE for updated version)
    Any applicable Downloads or Waivers such as:
    General Waiver
    (18 an older participants can fill out a waiver(s) upon arrival or on online – you must know your reservation and customer number to do so)
    Lake Waiver
    Horseback Waiver

    Make sure you arrive at ACE with no stress - collect funds from group members beforehand.
    First payment (deposit due 10 days after reservation)
    Final Payment (30 days prior to arrival)
    *Note – if booked with in 30 days – full balance is required with reservation.

    Before you head to ACE Adventure Resort, do one final check to make sure everything is ready.
    Confirm your reservation
    Collect all waivers and make sure they are signed
    Confirm travel plans (maps / directions / contacts / schedule / check-in / arriving times)
    Have a great time!
  • Group Savings at ACE Adventure Resort

    We have the best DEALS for a guaranteed GOOD TIME –the more friends you can pack into the car to make the trek to West Virginia, the more everyone will save! Bring your bachelor or bachelorette party and raft for an unforgettable weekend or plan your next family reunion in one of our deluxe log cabins.

    10-24 Friends: Save $5 per person
    25-39 Friends: Save $10 per person
    40+ Friends: Save $15 per person
    *Excludes Horseback Riding, Bridge Catwalk, ATV's, and the Wonderland Waterpark; can NOT be used in conjunction with non-profit pricing.
  • Need more forms for your group? Download any of the following documents by clicking on the links below:
    ACE Info Package - Find out all things ACE. How to get here, what to bring, you name it, this download has it.
    Adventure Planner Worksheet - Make planning your group trip easy.
    Adventure Planner Roster - Here's a great sign-up sheet so you know who is coming on your trip.
    General ACE Waiver - All group members who are under 18 years old will need a parent or guardian's signature. Make sure you arrive at ACE with minors' forms completely filled out).
    Horseback Waiver - ACE Adventure Resort has a horseback tour specific form. If you are traveling with any minors that will need parent or guardian signatures, make sure they get this form.
    ACE Lake - ACE Adventure Resort has an incredible lake water park located in the heart of our Resort Complex. Make sure any minors traveling without a parent or guardian each bring a Lake Waiver so they can enjoy our inflatable toys like THE BLOB!!
    Games for the Road - We know that packing a bunch of people together in the car can be a [mildly] stressful affair. Download our Road Games and make your journey to ACE just as special and memorable as the time you spend adventuring!