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10 Amazing New River Gorge Bridge Facts


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Knowing The New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge is home to epic scenery, one of the oldest rivers in the world, and the New River Gorge Bridge! West Virginia is rich in history and our New River Gorge Bridge is no exception. Admire the New River Gorge Bridge from trails, bridge walk tours, or rafting! Rain or shine, during spring, summer, and fall you can raft directly under the bridge! Rafting in the rain has never sounded more fun when you get the perfect view of the bridge! Stick around and find out some New River Gorge Bridge facts you probably didn’t know.

First, let’s talk about the construction of the bridge and how it has become a prominent piece of West Virginia history! Construction was finished on the New River Gorge Bridge on October 22nd, 1977. This 3,030 foot long bridge holds the title for the 3rd longest single arch bridge. Not only is it the 3rd longest single arch bridge in the world, it’s also the 3rd highest  bridge in the United States! This epic bridge, made of Cor-Ten steel, is a whopping 876 feet high! While this spectacle took over three years to complete and cost 37 million dollars to build, it drastically improved the lives of locals! The New River Gorge Bridge reduced travel time by an astonishing forty minutes! You can even find the New River Gorge Bridge on the state quarter!Snowy photo of the New River Gorge Bridge

Now that you know some cool New River Gorge Bridge history facts, let’s talk about what this epic bridge is up to today! Bridge Day is the third Saturday of October and the only day locals and tourists are allowed to walk on the bridge. This one day festival is a tradition that locals take great pride in, and for good reason! Thousands travel to celebrate Bridge Day and partake in the unique and fun festivities. When you attend Bridge day you’ll be sure to find vendors, food trucks, local artists, and more to enjoy! Did you know you can even base jump on the bridge? While there are quite a few qualifications to meet, every year dozens of base jumpers flock to the New River Gorge Bridge to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Bridge Day began in 1980 and has grown to be arguably the most popular tradition in West Virginia.Photo of base jumpers on Bridge Day

Missed Bridge Day but still want to experience the New River Gorge Bridge? No problem! You can book a bridge walk tour! You and your pals can actually walk under the bridge and experience the breathtaking scenery all while being harnessed hundreds of feet in the air! Talk about an adrenaline rush, am I right? You can even book your bridge walk tour with ACE Adventure Resort! If you’re not too keen on heights but still want to enjoy the New river gorge bridge, hiking is the perfect activity for you. Trails like Long Point give perfect views of the bridge and New River without having to take your feet off the ground!Photo of base jumpers on Bridge Day

Learning cool facts about the New River Gorge Bridge is fun, but to really understand why the New River Gorge Bridge is so special, you’ll just have to visit. Spend your day enjoying a bridge walk tour and your evening soaking in a hot tub at ACE Adventure Resort. Make sure to check our Rafting In The Rain blog written by one of our favorite raft guides! This blog perfectly captures what a rafting trip in the New River Gorge is like! If you’re looking for a sign to take your next adventure, this is it. Travel to the New River Gorge and find out why it is so loved.Photo of the New River Gorge Bridge in the evening

BY Larkin Cook

Larkin grew up here at ACE Adventure Resort and on the New River. Her dad, Jerry, is one of the owners of ACE, so adventure is in her blood. When Larkin isn’t studying at Concord University, she is working in the marketing department as a social media specialist. Larkin enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting, and being outdoors. If you can’t find Larkin at ACE or on the River, she’s at home with her cats Misa and Oscar.