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Epic Escape Game New River Gorge


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Find the clues. Solve the Puzzle. Escape the Room!

You and your team are locked in a room.  The clock is ticking, and you have minutes to escape. Epic Escape Game New River Gorge launched in downtown Fayetteville in 2016, and it’s one of the most popular team-building activities around.  Your team can choose easy, moderate or challenging on the scale of difficulty. You can even continue to come back and refine your skills each time to overcome an Epic Escape. Each escape game has a West Virginia theme ready to give you a bit of the history of the area while challenging your team to work together, and solve the puzzle.

The brick exterior of Epic Escape Game New River Gorge at night and during the day in downtown Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Epic Escape Rooms

Runaway Train – You’re “transported” about 10 miles upstream of Fayetteville, in the historic town of Thurmond, West Virginia.  C&O has had trains running through there for almost a century and it is a stop on the Amtrak route. The goal of this beginner friendly puzzle is to stop the train before it crashes after finding out  someone has tampered with the track and they are now askew. As a team, you have an hour to escape the room and stop the train. Labeled as one of the owner’s favorites with an 80% success rate, you have a great chance to save the day in the little town of Thurmond!

The Mothman – Legend says that in 1966, men digging a grave in a town nearby Fayetteville spotted a man-like figure flying low over the treetops.  With description of red eyes and a ten-foot wingspan the story continues to this day. In this puzzle, the team must work together in order to successfully escape the room, and keep the Mothman from terrorizing town.  Family and friends visiting ACE can stop here for a post-rafting activity, and keep the teamwork going as you put your heads together to solve the puzzle. With only a 60% success rate, communication will be key.

Brave New World – The most challenging of the escapes starts with a nuclear missile just launched, and headed straight to the U.S.  With only a 20% escape rate, this is recommended for experience escape players. You have one hour to get out and save the world.

Regardless of when you’re thinking about trying out one of these brain teasers, make sure to call ahead to Epic Escape Game at New River Gorge and see if there are any current promotions.  Happy escaping!

A family poses with "I tried" signs next to a fmaily group holding "Winner" signs at Epic Escape Game New River Gorge.

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