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White water rafters run the rapids with ACE Adventure Resort.

Rafting On The Lower New River

Min. Age 12, Starting at $89 per person

Lower New River Rafting

Rafting on the Lower New River has a bite of adventure, but we know you can keep up. We also guarantee you’ll smile the whole way down the river. Class III and IV rapids are as much excitement as any beginner could want, and a challenge for veteran rafters. Enjoy the view when passing directly under the New River Gorge Bridge

Trips starting at: $89 per person.
Min. Age 12, Call (877) 787-3982 for children 9yrs and up.

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The Upper New Is Kid Friendly, AND Kid At Heart Friendly

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Two children enjoy an family friendly day of Upper New River Rafting.

Family Fun On The Upper New River

Min. Age 6, Starting at $99 Adult / $74.50 Youth

Upper New River Rafting

Children as young as 6 can experience the joy of river running. Introduce your kids to rafting on our Upper New Trip, or try it yourself for the first time. It’s a journey through serene swimming pools, approachable beginner rapids, and a mighty big rock for jumping.

Trips starting at: $99 per person.
Min. Age 6, Lunch included on all trips.

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Challenge The Best Of Summer Whitewater. There’s Nothing Like It.

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inflatable duckie on summer gauley trip

The Best Of Summer Whitewater

Min. Age 15, Starting at $129 per person.

Wildest Summer Whitewater

This whitewater challenge takes you on a custom trip according to river levels. We take you to the most fun, challenging river flowing that day based on the raft type that you select. It’s the most exciting summer trip for the seasoned rafter, hands down!

Trips starting at: $129 per person.
Min. Age 15, Lunch included on all trips.

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Fall Gauley. It comes once a year and it’s worth the wait.

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Rafter take a huge hit running pillow rock on the Upper Gauley with ACE Adventure Resort

Fall Gauley Rafting – It’s Legendary

Min. Age 12, Starting at $109 per person.

Fall Gauley. It’s not a vacation, it’s a lifestyle.

The Fall Gauley River: you’ll hear talk of it throughout the spring and summer. There’s a reason for the buzz. Blasting through a steep, remote and scenic canyon this river offers a world-class whitewater challenge. Rafting on the Fall Gauley River is such a life-changing experience that many of our guests return year after year, reunion style, to participate in this communal event. It’s part river run, part party and all good times.

Trips starting at: $109 per person.
Min. Age 12

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2018 Fall Gauley Release Dates
The 2018 Fall Gauley Release calendar from ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

Fall Gauley Releases Are Limited!

What’s Gauley Season? Only the biggest seasonal whitewater event in the country! Each fall the Summerville Dam is cracked open for a few weekends of guaranteed world-class whitewater-making releases! The Upper Gauley will offer up some of the steepest, technical and continuous rapids run commercially, while the Lower Gauley becomes a wave train of rollercoaster-like scenic paddling.

With water releases exclusive to September and October weekends, Fall Gauley Season is a pulse of whitewater adrenaline you’ve got to grab before it’s gone.

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