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Course Overview and Changes 2021 for Gritty Chix

Two friends at the Gritty Chix Mud Run

Gritty Chix Mud Run is for anyone with a gritty spirit, and everyone who wants to have a great time playing in the mud!  Gritty Chix 2021 is the event you do not want to miss this summer! ACE Adventure Resort has an adventurous muddy playground waiting for you. Gritty Chix was voted the best Southeastern Mud Run by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine in 2019.  Gritty Chix offers two courses to choose from including the Moxie Mile, or the 5K Tenacious Trail. This event is hosted at ACE Adventure Resort in partnership with the United Way of Southern West Virginia. This year’s run promises to be exciting as the ACE’s Adventure crew has spent this past winter and spring revamping our mud obstacle course. They have created some special obstacles we can all look forward to playing on and in!

Girl posing at the mud run

Let’s talk about the mud course section first, it is about a mile long, with 25 obstacles. Obstacles 1-7 are going to remain the same, participants love them; and we are keeping what works!  But, we did make some improvements to the rest of the course. It is approximately 50% wet and 50% dry, our adventure operations manager ERay Haynie, informed me. This year, in 2021, there will be a Creek Challenge built into the run!  Obstacles 8-25 are brand new, and if you are training for the new obstacles; remember upper and lower body strength will certainly help. But, the great thing about Gritty Chix, is there is always an alternative path around the obstacle, if it is just a tad more than you are willing to bite off. The elevation change is 250 feet, and there will be Cargo Nets. At ACE we will have them, uphill and downhill for more fun in the Mud! Additionally we are offering the highly anticipated Taco Cargo Obstacle:)  Not much, if any jumping obstacles (your knees might love that too).

Racers on the obstacles on the mud run

Speaking of knees, do you cover them or not?  Well, that is your own personal preference. But, If you are wondering what kind of equipment or clothing should you wear?  The shoes are important, try to pick a sturdy pair of running shoes, ones that do not slip off easily as well as a pair you will not mind throwing away at the end of the day;)  The rest of your attire is normal running gear and whatever outrageous outfit suits you or your team. Some runners opt for thin wool knee socks for a little extra shin protection, if you need wool socks or other adventure gear check out our supplies.

Gritty Chix runners at the finish line

Now what about the Tenacious Trail part of the course? If you are up for a trail run, it makes a nice appetizer for the Mud Course! The Tenacious Trail might just be your cup of tea.  Here are a few things you may want to know. As you stand with the other competitors in your wave, you will line up together, warm up together and start running from the starting line up a hill to the pavement. Yes, the race starts on a hill:) Any prior cross training or trail running will help you to condition your body for this woodsy trail. After conquering the first hill, you will hit the pavement and catch your stride for about a quartermile before ducking left into the woods.  Don’t worry, there will be volunteers along the way to help insure you don’t get off course. The trail goes up and down in the woods for about a mile. When you come out of the woods you will run the road for a short time before ducking back into the trail that leads to the Mud Run.

ACE Adventure Waterpark

At the finish line things get even better!

Water, rinse stations, and music at the finish line!

The fun doesn’t end there – ACE is the largest outdoor adventure resort in the eastern US! There are great ways to spend your time making memories. Stick around for free live music entertainment at the Lost Paddle Bar and Grill and add other adventures.  A Waterpark Pass is one way to add more awesome fun to your weekend or kick back and relax on the beach; grub at the Lost Paddle; and slip away to a private cabin with a hot tub or a quiet mountaintop campsite under the stars!

Group at the Gritty Chix Mud Run

At ACE Adventure resort we are very excited to bring back Gritty Chix Mud Run!  It is a wonderful opportunity to bond with Friends, Family or your Posse.  Your participation in Gritty Chix helps support The United Way of Southern West Virginia working to improve lives in Southern West Virginia by focusing on the building blocks for a good quality of life: health, education and financial stability. You can also use this opportunity to to help provide donations for the United Way of Southern West Virginia.  We will have a box truck at the event accepting donations for food pantry (canned food), baby pantry (diapers), or a new pair of shoes and socks of any size for children ages 5 to 18. Every donation will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win a free whitewater rafting trip for 6-8 people. Gather your team, start your training routine and let’s get muddy June 19th.

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