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About Bridge Day AND Bridge Day Deals


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If you’re looking for some amazing Bridge Day deals and pacakges you’ve come to the perfect corner of the internet. But first, let’s talk Bridge Day. What is it, anyway?

42 years ago, the New River Gorge Bridge opened to the public. The 3,000+ length span was created to bridge the gap (see what we did there?!) between the North and South sides of the New River Gorge. The opening of the bridge significantly shortened travel time between the two sides, uniting Fayette County, West Virginia while creating an iconic landmark in the process.

A bridge as epic as The New River Gorge demands an epic celebration. In 1980, the first Bridge Day was celebrated on the New River Gorge Bridge. The festival brought in and continues to bring in thousands of spectators who marvel at the incredible engineering feat, eat delicious festival food, and watch BASE jumpers jump off of the Bridge. And while the Bridge is an incredible place to experience the sights and sounds of Bridge Day, we think the best place to take in the excitement is from below, while rafting through the New River Gorge.

While the top of the Bridge is jam-packed with people, down below you’ll experience panoramic views of the BASE jumpers from the best seat in the house-the river! And, you’ll get to raft through the fun and exciting New River Gorge first, ending your day underneath the Bridge and enjoying Bridge Day from below. Plus, ACE is offering up some amazing packages to help you experience all the magic of Bridge Day while helping you to save big on some great Bridge Day deals!

Want to do Bridge Day on your own then raft the next day? Check out our Fall Finale package. You’ll get dinner at ACE on Saturday evening, then head out to the river of your choice on Sunday! Choose the Lower New River, or take on the world-class Gauley River on its last day of the season!

If you want to check out both the New River on Bridge Day and the Gauley River on Sunday, we recommend the Twin Rivers Package. You’ll raft The Lower New River Gorge on Saturday and the Upper Gauley on Sunday. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cooking, two breakfasts, two riverside lunches, and dinner on Saturday night are part of this package. Leave the planning to us and experience the best of our region this Bridge Day!

Nightlife? We have that going on this Bridge Day weekend. Weathered Ground Brewery from Cool Ridge, West Virginia will be taking over our taps at the Lost Paddle all weekend. With award-winning brews to suit every taste, you won’t want to miss this!

Friday-Check out Voodoo Circuit, who will be playing a live FREE show on the deck of the Lost Paddle. And, it’s Fireball Friday, and drink specials and giveaways will be happening.

Saturday we’re closing out our busy season with a bang, as three favorites take the stage at the Lost Paddle for a Bridge Day Show to remember! The Kind Thieves, Black Garlic, and Groundhog Gravy will each play a set beginning at 8:00 pm and going well into the night-with The Kind Thieves set to play at 12:00 am.

Don’t miss Bridge Day weekend at ACE! America’s best whitewater, and the area’s best Bridge Day Deals and celebrations are happening at ACE!

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