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How to SUP at ACE


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‘Sup dudes are you ready to SUP? Here at ACE we’ll get you on a Stand-Up Paddle Board in no time when you’re visiting our lake as well as Summersville Lake. Learning how to SUP is as easy as kayaking, but we’ve got some awesome on the water fun for you to enjoy when spending a few days at one of the best West Virginia resorts, ​ACE​!

There are a few different types of boards for you to enjoy SUP’ing, and it all depends on what you’re planning on doing. Most boards are made of epoxy and fiberglass, but here at Ace, we use inflatable boards, so they are easier to transport! Paddles come in different sizes and shapes as well, but generally, you’ll want your paddle to be 6 to 10 inches taller than the height of the paddler. Unlike a kayak paddle, SUP paddles are one ended with a handle on the other. Leashes help to keep you with your board in case you accidentally end up in the water, plus, you won’t want to forget your flotation device!

Stand up paddle boarding on Summersville Lake with ACE, one of the best West Virginia resorts to SUP with.

What you Need:

  • Paddle Board
  • Paddle Leash
  • Flotation device

Getting on the board

You’ll want to start in flat water which makes ACE Beach the perfect starting point for learning. Be sure that the fin of your board is free from hitting the sandy bottom. You can start out kneeling or hop aboard on your feet. To get on the board, you’ll want to slowly stand one foot at a time in the middle of the board, and you’ll want to position your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure you have a slight bend in the knee to keep your core centered.

How to Move

We’ve got a few strokes for you to learn but you’ll want to know how to hold your paddle first! Start with your bottom hand positioned on the shaft of your paddle. Your top control will be on the handle in front of you with a 90-degree angle at your elbows. Keep the blade of the paddle angled away from you. Your paddle should always act as your level, with the handle used for driving and the edge of the paddle as a pivot and steering point.

West Virginia resorts offer stand up paddle boarding and SUP lessons on Summersville Lake with pontoon boat.

Forward Stroke: Let’s Move!
  1.  Make sure your bottom arm is straight on the shaft, while your top hand is on the handle.
  2.  Pull your top arm toward you, which will extend the paddle forward.
  3.  Extend your reach by rotating your top shoulder forward while pulling with your bottom arm.
  4.  Think about pulling past your paddle through the water, this will help elongate your stroke.
  5.  For a straight pathway: make a few strokes on one side then switch to the other and repeat.
  6.  Alternate hand positions as you change paddle sides.
Forward Sweep Stroke: Turn left!
  1.  With your paddle on your right and in the water, create a forward stroke on your right side while simultaneously turning your torso to the left.
  2.  Make sure to have a lower stance and ensure you pull your stroke to the right; you should feel the board shift to the left.
Reverse Sweep Stroke: Turn Right!
  1.  Make sure your paddle is near the tail and pull up, towards the nose while moving your torso to the right, this should rotate the board to the right side. As you propel, bend your knees to help you ease to the right.
Don’t do these three things:
  1.  Don’t hold the paddle like a boomstick! Always have one hand on the shaft of the paddle and the other on top of the handle.
  2.  Don’t use a surf stance! Keeping your feet parallel and shoulder width apart which will help your balance.
  3.  Don’t forget to use all your muscles! We’ve got back muscles and core muscles you’ll want to use when taking a longer stroke let those impressive back muscles do the work rather than your arms.

ACE, One of the Best West Virginia Resorts for SUP Lessons

We offer a few different options for you to enjoy your day on the water. Check out these ​four activities​ you can book that include supping. Whether it’s a half day or a night sampler, you’ll want to try this favorite adventure activity. SUP’ing not only helps with balance but it also works your core muscles and can contribute to a perfect posture. When vacationing at one of the best West Virginia resorts, ​ACE​ has all the fantastic water activities you’ll want to try this summer when the sun is out, and you’re ready to have FUN!

SUP Boarding at one of the best West Virginia resorts for pontoon boat adventures on Summersville Lake, with ACE Adventure Resort.

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