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SUPing and Kayaking On Summersville Lake


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With all the rain in our area lately, it’s been hard to find a place to launch paddling trips at Summersville Lake. The ACE guides have found great ways to play around in flood levels on our stand-up paddle boarding and lake kayak trips. As you can see from these photos, we launched from the local marina this week – from the parking lot since the ramp was completely submerged! (The normal launch point is Salmon Run, which was closed due to flooding.)

This summer, we have the newest SUP boards to get you to nearby Pirate’s Cove and beyond. Plus, our touring kayaks provide a great way to tandem or single paddle your way around the lake. Cliffs and rock climbing walls surround you above the crystal clear WARM mountain water, so swimming and jumping off rocks is a must on your trip. If you have your own snorkels and fins, be sure to bring those, too! In many spots you will have over 40 feet visibility to explore fish hideouts. Also, this time of year there are many wild berries ripe for picking such as blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries growing along the cliffs. (You can paddle right up to them and pick a mouthful!)

Once you try out SUPing or lake kayaking, you might get hooked. To find other paddling spots closer to your neck of the woods or check out what’s new in paddle sports, try some of our favorite online hangouts:

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Love the experience enough to want your own gear? Save on shipping and before you leave town, be sure to hit up our ACE Gear Shop off Fayetteville Station road near theNew River Gorge Bridge. They have the best-of-the-best gear like paddles, boards, PFD’s, skirts and kayaks and they have the knowledge to help you pick what gear is right for you.

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