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So you’ve planned an epic ACE vacation. You’ll travel all around the New River Gorge area by raft, by zip, and by blue bus. Trips go out rain or shine–we even raft in the snow! If it happens to rain on the Gorge, we’ve got a great suggestion for indoor activity that won’t rain on your vacation. Head up the hill to Pinheads Bowling.

Local Bowlers & Craft Brews on Tap

One of our favorite spots is a hidden gem just up the road from ACE. The locals are already flocking to Pinheads for great bowling on newly remodeled lanes, and our raft guides love rafters’ league bowling. With an extensive selection of craft beers, local brews flowing on tab, and tasty food coming off the grill, you can enjoy a night out on vacation, no matter the weather outside!

The chef in the kitchen at Pinheads Bowling in Oak Hill, West Virginia, prepares chicken on the grill for dinner.

Pinheads Bowling Kitchen is Open

No night at the bowling alley is complete without a plate of nachos piled high or a cheese pizza with the works. The kitchen at Pinheads serves a wide range of hearty food to go with your favorite craft beer. Always coming off the grill fresh and hot, the food at Pinheads puts a special twist on party food staples. Feed the family without breaking the bank!

Bowling a strike with a group of bowlers watching at Pinheads.

Family Owned & Newly Renovated

With twelve lanes, six 170-inch HD projection screen TVs and a full service bar and grill, your evening will be looking up!  There’s no better way to make up for bad weather than to have a father-son night, birthday party, or a great time with the whole crew for a NFL game.  Owned and operated by a local family, the fun at Pinheads keeps going, rain or shine. Alison and Joe, as well as their two little ones, put their heart and soul into making Pinheads a home away from home for many, to make great memories.  Don’t let the rain or snow on your vacation bring you down, and give Pinheads a call to reserve your lane.

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