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The Lost Paddle | New & Improved


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The Lost Paddle | New & Improved

Our new and improved on-site restaurant and dining area, The Lost Paddle, is open for business with new renovations. Over the winter months, our team newly renovated The Lost Paddle to create a positive and modernized atmosphere. Renovations include a brand new bar area, an expansion to a lower level, glass paneling to include lake views for the lower dining area, updated restrooms, and more!

Dinner (or lunch) with a view has never been more true here! Dine in with your friends and family and enjoy the scenic views of our lake and waterpark from your seat. There’s also a pool table and board games, perfect for a family-fun game night after one of your guided adventure trips.

Take a whitewater rafting trip through the New River Gorge and once you’re done, come visit The Lost Paddle for a drink at our renovated bar and grab some tasty food by the lake. Our new space is great for large group events and gatherings. Have your event or gathering in style at our newly renovated bar & grill! You can also sit outside on our patio and deck space and enjoy fresh air and scenic views of our lake and waterpark or enjoy an indoor dining experience. Come check it out for yourself at The Lost Paddle!

BY megan tabelon

Megan is an avid rock climber, photographer, and outdoor enthusiast who works in the marketing department at Ace Adventure Resort.