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Outdoor Waterparks for Families


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Outdoor Waterparks for Families

From quality time spent with our friends and family to scraped knees from an exciting day outdoors, childhood is one of the most magical times for all of us. But who says the magic has to end when you grow up? We know it’s hard to find the perfect outdoor waterpark but at ACE Adventure Resort we pride ourselves in bringing the fun and we don’t disappoint. Whether you enjoy a day lounging on the beach with a margarita in hand or getting launched off of a giant inflatable blob, the Wonderland Waterpark fits into everybody’s dream vacation.

So, you get to the Wonderland Waterpark and don’t know what to do? We’ve all been there and I’m here to help you find the perfect fit for an unforgettable trip! I’ll break it down into three categories- class I, II, and III, and if you stick around you might find some secret tips on how to master these incredible toys! The perfect way to start off our class I category is with the kid-friendly splash pad! Have smaller kids and looking for something the little ones can enjoy? Easy peasy! The Wonderland Waterpark offers a splash pad and a kiddy section in the five-acre spring fed lake just for the kiddos! The splash pad also features a playground so there is plenty to do if you snag a full-day pass. ACE’s beautiful lake also comes equipped with a spacious beach lined with beach chairs for everyone. What better way to spend your day than sunbathing on a beach with an endless supply of frozen drinks? Children enjoying splash pad

In the mood for fun without the workout? That’s totally fine too! To start out our Class II category I’m going to have to go with the Tumblehome and Wet Willy Slide! These slides are a great option for the young at heart who aren’t really in the mood for a workout on the lake. Another great option is the Hamster Ball and Saturn! These mammoth inflatables require a bit of exercise but the amount of fun you’ll have totally makes it worth it. My personal favorite is the trampolines. These crazy fun contraptions are scattered around the lake and bring out the inner child in us all. Guest sliding down one of our waterslides

Finally, let’s talk about Class III category- the one risk-takers haven been anticipating! Care for a more adventurous day? We don’t blame you! We are an adventure resort after all! The Wonderland Waterpark has everything your thrill-seeking heart could desire! One of our fan favorites is the beloved blob! Positioned under a tower, guests take turns launching each other into the air. What’s more heavenly than flying through the air and splashing into the cool water on a hot summer day? I can’t think of anything! Now if you are in the mood for a vigorous climb that is totally worth it, we have just the toys for you! The Iceberg is a climb with a view like no other. Once you climb this two-story inflatable, you can enjoy the view before sliding back into the water. Trust me, it’s one heck of a ride! Next is the Jungle Gym and Obstacle Course! Brought some friends with you or in the mood to wrestle with a sibling? Climb onto one of these awesome toys and let your inner MMA fighter out! Guest getting blobbed

Now, what you’ve been waiting for- the trade secrets of the Wonderland Waterpark. The most common question we see is how the heck do you climb up on these toys? It’s all in the shimmy! Now to be fair, most of these toys do require some upper body strength but don’t be discouraged! These toys aren’t just for the cross-fitters or rock climbers, I hit the gym maybe twice a week and have learned how to get on these inflatables with ease! When it comes to the inflatable seesaws I have just the trick for you! Make sure you and whoever you’re with get on different sides and climb on it at the same time to prevent it from flipping. This trick also works with the Saturn! Most inflatables come equipped with handlebars so perfecting the hoist will get you on every toy in no time. Not sure what category you fall into? No big deal, the only way to find out your favorite is to try them all! Come join us at the best outdoor waterpark around!Guest enjoying the zipline

BY Larkin Cook

Larkin grew up here at ACE Adventure Resort and on the New River. Her dad, Jerry, is one of the owners of ACE, so adventure is in her blood. When Larkin isn’t studying at Concord University, she is working in the marketing department as a social media specialist. Larkin enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting, and being outdoors. If you can’t find Larkin at ACE or on the River, she’s at home with her cats Misa and Oscar.