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Day Trips from ACE: Virginia and West Virginia Attractions


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Here at ACE, our location situates us very close to many delightful places to visit within the states around us. For example, we are only about an hour’s drive to West Virginia’s capital, Charleston. When you have a day off from our activities, take day trips to explore what the Virginias have to offer. Hit the road with your travel crew and take day trips from ACE Adventure Resort, and make sure to add these Virginia and West Virginia attractions to your list of things to see. 

West Virginia Attractions 

Capitol buildings are always worth a visit, and that’s why you should take day trips to Charleston, West Virginia’s capital city. The West Virginia capitol building has a golden dome that reflects on the Kanawha River that runs adjacent. Nearby to the Capitol is the Governor’s Mansion, where you need to book tours ahead of time. Outside of the Complex is the Capitol Market, a five-minute drive down the road. The indoor-outdoor market has dozens of vendors selling wine, cheese, sushi, fresh vegetables, coffee, and more. Built into an old train station, fans of unique architecture shouldn’t miss this market out of all West Virginia attractions. 

Speaking of unique architecture, Heritage Farm Village in Huntington, West Virginia, is another example of the West Virginia attractions to visit. The village is built to resemble 19th century Appalachia, with log cabins and more. Learn what it was like to live during that time by immersing yourself in the village for the afternoon. Then, go back to your college days by touring the grounds of Marshall University’s Thundering Herd. End your day in Huntington by exploring Ritter Park, and it’s rose gardens, park, fountain, and trails. 

Virginia Attractions 

Wytheville was named after George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Ironically, he never even visited the town. Today, many people visit Wytheville for the “Big Pencil” that hangs from the side of the office supply store in town. Although, going for a 16-mile drive on the Big Walker Mountain Scenic Byway is a great way to absorb the natural beauty of Virginia from the comfort of your car. There’s a reason everyone loves road trips.  

Dominated predominantly by the school, Blacksburg is known for the Virginia Tech Lane Stadium, consistently ranked as one of the best football stadiums. The Moss Arts Center on campus is as much of a beauty from the outside as it is from the inside, with its art and performance schedule. Off-campus, The Lyric Theater has architecture that has been restored from the 1930s. Now, the venue mostly shows indie movies. 

West Virginia Resorts 

After a day of driving and exploring new places, return to ACE Adventure Resort and relax in your cabin, tent, or RV, or grab a bite to eat at one of our several on-site restaurants. If you want to satisfy your thirst for adventure, we’ve got many activities after returning from day trips in WV.  Visit us on our website to check out our own West Virginia attractions on-site, or give us a call at 800-787-3982 for more information about our adventures.

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