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Top 3 Bucket List Activities at ACE


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Thrillseekers, outdoor enthusiasts, and ecotourists from across North America visit ACE Adventure Resort to accept new challenges and push their limits. Whether you’re hoping to conquer class V rapids, zip high above the Appalachian Mountains, or scale the world-famous Endless Wall, you’ll quickly discover that several exciting activities can be “crossed off” an adventurer’s bucket list. Most thrillseekers venture into the Appalachians for world-class white water rafting trips, but we have so much more to offer here at ACE, including ziplining, rappelling, and caving. We’ve compiled three of the most popular bucket list activities, all of which are available here at one of the top-rated West Virginia resorts.

An ACE raft paddle the Lower New River on a white water rafting trip through the New River Gorge, West Virginia.

White Water Rafting Trips

First and foremost, the white water rafting trips here at ACE Adventure Resort are among the most exhilarating, challenging, and scenic expeditions in the world. Our two most popular white water rafting trips for thrillseekers are the Wildest Summer voyage and the world-famous Fall Gauley. These two excursions are among the most challenging white water milestones in North America. Serious class V await as you’ll paddle through a remote river in the jaw-dropping Appalachian Mountains. You’ll never forget the day that you successfully conquered the ruthless Gauley or Lower New River!

Two friends zip side by side on parallel double zip lines on the zip line canopy tour at ACE Adventure Resort.

Zipline Canopy Tour

The art of ziplining is not nearly as demanding as rafting or climbing, but the sheer thrill of soaring high above the Appalachian’s treetops is a feeling unlike any other. You’ll obtain a bird’s-eye view of the glorious New River Gorge as you blaze along nine ziplines, many of which stretch over 500 feet in length. The “Terminal Velocity” is over 800 feet long, while “Sunshine” set a world record for most zipliners in one hour (183). There’s never an off-season for ziplining here at ACE Adventure Resort as every season is beautiful, especially autumn, summer, and winter!

A climber ascends the cliffs on the New River Gorge on a rock climbing trip with ACE Adventure Resort.

New River Gorge Rock Climbing

While many of our guests do have extensive experience river rafting, ziplining, and rock climbing, it’s not a requirement. Our highly-trained guides will be there every step of the way to ensure that your adventure-based escape into the Appalachian Mountains is nothing short of flawless! Climbing the Endless Wall (the New River Gorge’s seven-mile Nuttall sandstone wall) is one of the greatest thrills imaginable. Over the decades, we’ve designed and installed thousands of unique climbs along this 1,000-foot tall gorge. Whether you’re a novice or a self-proclaimed professional, our team will guide you to the best climbs that perfectly suit your skill level.

Two students rappel down a cliff in the Upper New River Gorge, on ACE's private climbing route.

Weekend Getaways in WV

Combine these three bucket list activities with a weekend jam-packed with paintball, frisbee golf, hiking, and mountain biking – ACE Adventure Resort sits on over 1,500 acres of wilderness possibilities. Don’t forget to browse through our many lodging options, ranging from fully-equipped, hand-crafted log cabins to mountaintop camping. To book a well-deserved getaway into the awe-inspiring Appalachian Mountains, please give us a call today at 1-877-787-3982, or visit us online at ACERaft.com.


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