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Fall New River Gorge Hiking Adventures at ACE


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The Appalachian Mountains come to life (metaphorically) every autumn with a dazzling display of color. Every guest at ACE Adventure Resort has the opportunity to explore the nearby New River Gorge, home to the best national park hike in the United States, according to USA Today. ACE offers genuinely unique hiking expeditions that are highlighted by breathtaking overlooks, colorful forests, and challenging natural obstacles. Guests at ACE will enjoy guided hiking in West Virginia, delicious meals at The Lost Paddle, cozy log homes, and countless adventure possibilities.

Hiking in West Virginia on the Endless Wall trail in the New River Gorge with ACE Adventure Resort.

Endless Wall Guided Hike

The Endless Wall hiking trail was rightfully named the #1 national park hike in the United States by USA Today in 2015. This half-day adventure predominantly follows the New River Gorge’s rim near ACE Adventure Resort in Southern West Virginia. You’ll cross mountain streams, descend cliffside ladders, and trek through lush, colorful hemlock Appalachian woodlands. You’ll notice almost immediately that this half-day guided nature hike is equally beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. If you plan to hike in West Virginia, give us a call at 1-877-787-3982 to book a once-in-a-lifetime fall hike high above the New River Gorge.

Views of the New River Gorge while hiking in West Virginia on the Endless Wall Trail with ACE Adventure Resort.

Heritage Hikes

The Endless Wall Guide Hike may be our most popular trail, but we also offer a wide variety of family-friendly Heritage Hikes that perfectly suit every group. Depending on your skill level and particular interests, the professional staff here at ACE Adventure Resort will pair your group with a hike that will leave you breathless. Autumn’s colorful brushstrokes paint the Appalachian Mountains a stunning combination of marigold, amber, and crimson, adding another level of serenity to each unique hiking trip. Some of our Heritage Hikes trek through historic ghost towns, steep stretches of the New River Gorge, and rich wildernesses with peaceful, unfrequented waterfalls. All Heritage Hikes are pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your favorite furry friends along for the journey!

Guided hiking in West Virginia on ACE property in the New River Gorge.

Hiking in West Virginia

Our Endless Wall hiking tour is a popular autumn activity because of the awe-inspiring foliage, but ACE Adventure Resort also offers wild Gauley River whitewater rafting adventures and exhilarating Appalachians zipline tours. And ACE Adventure Resort is closer than you think! We’re within driving distance of Pittsburgh, Richmond, Cincinnati, Louisville, Charlotte, Columbus, Washington D.C., and so many more great cities! Visit ACERaft.com for more details.

Zip line tours and whitewater rafting in the New River Gorge with ACE Adventure Resort.

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