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Mountain Bike Tours for Everyone


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There are plenty of activities for you to choose from when you attend one of the best West Virginia family resorts, Ace Adventure Resort this summer season. When you get out and enjoy a day biking around the mountains, you’re sure to have a good time! Here are three of our favorite biking trips to can experience when you’re with us this summer!

A mountain bike instructor at ACE Adventure Resort guides a beginner rider through Arrowhead trails, and gives instruction on proper braking technique.

Scenic Bike Tour

Our Scenic Bike Tour not only allows for you to have a guided tour of the mountains but you’ll be able to see the stunning scenery and landscape that encompasses our beautiful region of West Virginia. Your guide will take you on multiple loops and trails that are perfect for every ability level.

Tour de Gorge

If you want something is more than a few hours, our Tour de Gorge is biking trip for you! While we’re not in France, you’ll at least be able to experience this guided mountain bike trip as you ride through the New River Gorge and beautiful trails!

Mountain Bike Rentals

Beyond our specific guided tours, you can enjoy our mountain bike rentals throughout our mountainside resort. As you pedal your way through the forest, enjoy looking out for the wildlife and natural flora that you’ll see along the way.

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A mother and her young children take the guided mountain bike tour through the New River Gorge with ACE Adventure Resort, riding beginner friendly trails alongside the New River.

Tips for Biking:
1. Make sure you keep all trash and dispose of it properly back at your campsite.
2. The Flora and fauna of West Virginia are essential to our ecosystem; please leave them
3. Stay on designated Biking trails.
4. Make sure your pets remain on leashes at all time.
5. Be courteous and kind to others enjoying the natural beauty of the Mountain State.

A rider explores single track mountain biking at Arrowhead Trails in the New River Gorge on a bike trip with ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

One of the Top West Virginia Family Resorts for Beginner Mountain Biking

Put the pedal to the metal and hit the road this summer when you enjoy a ride through the mountainside of West Virginia! ACE has everything you need to enjoy a day biking with your family, whether it’s half a day or the entire day! Spend some time with our guides learning the trails and seeing the magnificent flora and fauna that are unique to our landscape, then relax under the stars at night for a peaceful end to your day. With plenty of activities for you to explore, the New River Gorge is waiting for you to get outdoors and experience Ace Adventure Resort!

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