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Thirty years ago, Gerry Bateman of Equestrian Adventures visited the New River Gorge to go whitewater rafting.  After having a great time splashing around in the water Gerry decided to try out horseback riding through the Gorge.  At that time, horseback riding trips into, along, or near the gorge was unexplored territory. Gerry fell head over heels in love with the New River Gorge and horses, leading to the start of Equestrian Adventures.  He found his passion for training horses, and sought out horses best suited for trail rides through narrow paths, and rocky ridges surrounded by the sounds of train whistles. Due to Gerry’s training efforts, his horses are some of the safest and most gentle that you will ever meet.


A group evening ride through the New River Gorge on horseback, and a woman smiling while horseback riding with Equestrian Adventures.

Prioritizing Skill & Safety

Safety has always been a top priority for Gerry, ensuring that everyone who wants to ride can.  For this reason, children as young as 6 years old can experience their very first horseback ride in one of the most breathtaking settings imaginable.  Guides for the various rides at Equestrian Adventures are hand-picked to ensure they have knowledge about horses, interpersonal skills, and a passion for history of the New River area.

Trips at Equestrian Adventures range from a two and a half hour scenic ride along the ridge lines of the New River Gorge, a three and a half hour family ride allowing a little more time to be comfortable around the horses, and even sunset rides. The stables are just a short bus ride from ACE property. 

Two horses used for different levels of riding, beginning and expert, at Equestrian Adventures in Cunard, West Virginia.

On-Site Lodging

Looking for a place to stay when ACE is fully booked?  Not to worry, Equestrian Adventures also has two fully restored, comfortable farm houses available: The Alamo and The Stone House.  Right down the road from ACE, Cunard River access, Bridgehaven golf course and the towns of Oak Hill and Fayetteville, these lodging options provide easy access to just about everything worth doing in the Gorge.

If you’re nervous about sitting atop a horse, Equestrian Adventures has carriage rides. Make any day or event more romantic with the addition of a beautiful horse drawn carriage.  Your fairy tale moment awaits!

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