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Relax on the river by Kayaking in WV


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As the weather starts warming up, that means it is time to get outside with ACE Adventure Resort and hit the water! There is nothing better than relaxing on a hot summer day, and enjoying the cool, calm lake water as you explore your surroundings via kayak. Whether you are looking for mild or thrill seeking, we have it all here when kayaking in WV.

Mild Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking is a favorite here at ACE; you get to explore the natural area of West Virginia while keeping your day trip adventure at a slow pace. This slower paced activity is ideal for those wanting to take a break from thrill seeking or just want to relax on a lake.  Summersville Lake, surrounded by pristine rock walls and inlets, make for a beautiful experience. It is also a perfect option for families, as younger kids can go along for a ride and you will get to create amazing memories.

Whitewater Kayaking

Let’s kick it up a notch! We would not be an adventure resort or offer adventure activities if you could not jump start your kayaking trip with whitewater. Not only do we offer kayaking clinics (no whitewater) on ACE’s own, private lake to help you learn the basics and prepare for your trip, but you can head out on the high white waters and experience a fast-paced trip like no other.


Whether you choose to keep it calm and relaxed on the lake, or you are looking for a thrilling whitewater journey, we have everything for any adventurer. When you book your adventure trip with ACE Adventure Resort, kayaking in WV just got easier! Plan your kayaking journey and enjoy spending time in nature and near the water this summer season.

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