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Team Extreme Wildest Summer Rafting

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About Team Extreme, The Wildest Summer Rafting

Our Most Challenging Summer Rafting Trips

Team Extreme is the ultimate whitewater rafting challenge… only for the seasoned rafting vet or those seeking a true physical challenge. If this is you, your work will be rewarded! Chose your craft, inflatable kayak or small performance team raft, and we’ll take you on the most challenging, and fun, stretch of whitewater running in our area the day you arrive!

Team Extreme Inflatable Kayak Trips

Team Extreme: Inflatable Kayak Trips

Some of the best whitewater in our area can only be accessed by kayaks and other smaller watercraft, and that’s where our High-Performance Inflatable Kayak (A.K.A. “Ducky”) Trip comes in. We’ll show you the best whitewater on the day of your trip based on river conditions. This trip offers a higher challenge level than our traditional whitewater trips and is only recommended for experienced rafters.

Team Extreme: Performance Rafting Trips

Team Extreme: High Performance Rafting

Searching for a real whitewater challenge? Our new high-performance whitewater rafting trip will show you the best whitewater in our region.

This physically challenging and teamwork inspiring trip will push your limits and reward you with the summer’s best rafting on whichever river is running at the perfect flow that day. Explore scenic stretches of incredible whitewater on the Gauley River, New River Dries, or a tributary of these rivers in a 12’high performance raft

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Min Age: 12 Yrs.

Duration: FULL DAY

Meals(S): Free Lunch

This full-day excursion will satisfy your need for whitewater. With all the great scenery, incredible class III-IV+ whitewater, a visit to jump rock, and a riverside lunch, this trip is ideal for both new rafters and seasoned boaters alike.

Explore the rivers that we raft!

There's A River Trip For Everyone!

Explore the rivers that we raft here in West Virginia. Enjoy two sections of whitewater rafting on the Upper and Lower New River Gorge. In the Fall you can also join us for the challenging Upper Gauley River or the scenic Lower Gauley River!

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