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New River Survival and Bushcraft

Learn core concepts of survival and bushcraft from highly-skilled professionals!

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New River Gorge Survival and Bushcraft School

New River Gorge Survival and Bushcraft School

Code: Please call 304-707-0733 to book



ADVENTURE: Bushcraft survival

SEASON: Year Round

CHALLENGE LEVEL: Beginner To Advanced

Call 304-707-0733 to book!

Trip Description:

New River Survival and Bushcraft teaches guests fire craft, shelter building, water purification, how to thrive in the outdoors, and so much more. Choose from three separate options and gain the confidence to thrive in the outdoors. Survival Instincts teaches students the basics on how to survive unexpected short term emergencies. Looking to learn self reliance and how to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness? Well, the Bushcraft course is the perfect option for you! New River Survival and Bushcraft also offer a course specifically for boy-scouts! The Boy Scout Wilderness Survival Merit Badge teaches scouts survival theory, navigation, signaling, and so much more. NRS&B’s curriculum conforms to the BSA requirements to earn the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge in one day. Call 304-707-0733 for pricing information!

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