Gauley River Rafting

Follow us to some Rodeo Ruckus - Upper Gauley

The first Class V attacks. You are General Patton. Ghandi. Joan of Arc. In your arms and chest, heart and soul, a giant squid is locked in mortal combat with a pirate ship. And then it calms. You’re through. Victorious. Four thwarts, some tubes, a floor. We live for Gauley River season! With only six weeks of water released from the Summersville Dam pouring down the Gauley River your window of opportunity is brief to ride the rodeo ruckus - The Beast of the East!

Here’s the Deal:

  • 12 Miles. You’ll feel like Washington x-ing the Delaware. Flexing, taller than you are, and ready to found a nation.
  • BBQ lunch. Grilled over firewood felled by thickly bearded sexy hipsters.
  • Frosty beverages. Road sodas & a “vintage” school bus scenic tour of the authentic WV back roads. 

  Gauley CalendarGauley River Rafting Map

Gangster Leanin' & Hydraulics - Lower Gauley

It feels like Disneyland met Six Flags and they played drinking games and leg-wrestled in a vat of baby oil. This is whitewater rafting, West Virginia style on the 'Lower G'. Don’t back down. Never back down. Your friends are watching. We have the video to prove it.

  • 12 Miles of the best white water in the U-S-of-A. [eagle cry]
  • Riverside BBQ. Over firewood felled by bearded lumbersexuals.
  • Free frosty beverages. Ride back to ACE nursing a beer or use it on your bruises, you decide.

Epic and Gorgeous - Gauley Overnight 

Overnight trips are magical. Mountain sirens descend from the canyon lands of West Virginia to lull you into a state of pure outdoor-oxygenated ecstasy while you enjoy a camp cooked meal with a crowd of your new favorite people.

Here’s the Deal:

  • 23 miles of scenic whitewater.
  • Day 1: Lunch & Dinner  
  • Day 2: Breakfast & Lunch 
  • Tent provided.