New River Gorge Race & Rolling Rodeo

May 14, 2022
Rolling Rodeo @ 12:00pm Gorge Race @ 4:00pm

Location: New River Gorge National Park

Admission: $30 Rolling Rodeo /$30 Gorge Race / $50 Both Events


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Event Pricing

New River Gorge Race

Per Competitor


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Rolling Rodeo Competition

Per Competitor


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Compete In Both Events

Per Competitor


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The New River Gorge Race And Rolling Rodeo

Race winners
1- Kim Casto 47:35
2-Nate Lahey 48:53
3-Elijah White 49:19
4-Barney Bonito-50.33
5-Alex Horn 50:35
6-Jake Schipper -53:11
7- Samantha Belcher- 53:20
8- Christian Mullins- 55:51
9-Jessie Rice – 57:13
Rodeo over all
1-Josh Collins
2- Alex Horn
3-Julien Wells
4-Christian Mullins
Rodeo ramp
1-Josh Collins
2- Julien Wells
3- Kayla Wright

Are you the fastest paddler in the New River Gorge? Or maybe you love surfing every wave on the river and seeing how many tricks you can throw in each rapid? This May ACE Adventure Resort presents the New River Gorge Race & Rolling Rodeo Competition. Happening during New River Gorge Festival on May 14th this is your chance to compete with friends and legendry paddlers in West Virginia.

The rolling rodeo will consist of a ramp competition, river feature surfing and downriver trick competition scheduled to take place at Cunard to Lower Railroad Rapid on the New River. At flows over 20,000 cfs we will move the event to a primary surf competition on the New River Dries Put-in Waves. Judges will score participants at each location. At the end of the day the judges will meet collectively to score each ride again while watching video. All scores will be added together with the person scoring the most posts being awarded the winner. Prizes will be awarded to the top three paddlers with the highest scores. Event check in will be at ACE Adventure Resort and shuttle to and from the river will be provided.

The Gorge Race is an intermediate/advanced class IV kayak and raft race in the New River Gorge. The race will feature a mass start from Cunard to Fayette Station. Kayak and raft classes are available plus you can create a class if you have a minimum of three participants paddling the same craft. Prizes will be awarded to the top three paddlers in each class. Above 20,000 cfs the event will move from Stonecliff to Cunard. Event check in will be at ACE Adventure Resort and shuttle to and from the river will be provided.

Event Schedule

Saturday, May 14, 2022

10:30 am

Event Check In @ ACE

11:00 am

Shuttle To River

11:45 am

Event Briefing

12:00 pm

Rolling Rodeo Starts

2:00 pm

Race Only Check In @ ACE

2:30 pm

Shuttle to the River

3:30 pm

Pre Race Briefing

4:00 pm

Race Start

6:00 pm

Shuttle back to ACE Adventure Resort

9:30 pm

Awards Ceremony @ ACE

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