A view from above of the white water rafting stretch in the New River Gorge of West Virginia with ACE Adventure Resort.

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Excited about your upcoming trip to ACE Adventure Resort? Trying to decide if you’re ready to start your adventure this year? Are you a super fan? No matter what the circumstances this is the spot to stay in the know about all things adventure and ACE!

Autumn at ACE
October 19, 2020 Autumn at ACE

Autumn at ACE West Virginia is known for its beautiful and one of a kind mountains, but let’s talk about our hiking trails! Hiking in West Virginia is magical no matter the season, but there…

Taking On The Lower Gauley
October 12, 2020 Taking On The Lower Gauley

Taking On The Lower Gauley Ever since I can remember the mere mention of Gauley Season has brought goosebumps to my skin. Hearing raft guides as well as guests tell their wild and embellished stories…

Nightmare in the Gorge – New Characters in 2020
October 6, 2020 Nightmare in the Gorge – New Characters in 2020

Nightmare in the Gorge – New Characters in 2020 An ancient curse is unleashed this October at ACE Adventure Resort’s Nightmare in the Gorge Haunted Attraction. New for 2020, we are featuring a brand new…

An Ancient Curse Unleashed
September 19, 2020 An Ancient Curse Unleashed

An Ancient Curse Unleashed Legends, folklore, and ghost stories surround West Virginia, causing it to be known as one of the most haunted places on Earth. A story is told of an ancient curse placed…

Head Out for a Hike
September 8, 2020 Head Out for a Hike

Head Out for a Hike What’s better than summer in West Virginia? Fall! With autumn creeping up, let’s talk about all the fall festivities you can enjoy in the wild and wonderful West Virginia. The…

West Virginia Haunted Attractions
September 8, 2020 West Virginia Haunted Attractions

Nightmare in the Gorge-Inside the Curse We absolutely love Halloween and we are super excited for the 6th edition of Nightmare in the Gorge at ACE Adventure Resort. We are thrilled to announce a new…

Get Ready for Gauley
August 31, 2020 Get Ready for Gauley

Get Ready for a Gauley Adventure! Gauley Season, synonymous with adventure and thrill, is coming to you in less than two weeks. Gauley season is for the brave, the thrill-seekers, the leaders, and most importantly-…

ACE Labor Day Yard Sale
September 1, 2020 ACE Labor Day Yard Sale

ACE Labor Day Yard Sale Who loves a good yard sale? You never know what you will find but one person’s junk is another’s treasure! This year we are cleaning up and offloading some of…

Gauley Overnight Riverside Campsite Updates
August 25, 2020 Gauley Overnight Riverside Campsite Updates

Tucked in the mountains of West Virginia, ACE Adventure Resort attracts thousands of people during the six most magical weekends of the year, also known as Gauley Season. Starting the second weekend of September, thrill-seekers…

Labor Day ACE Weekend
September 1, 2020 Labor Day ACE Weekend

Labor Day ACE Weekend We are celebrating the end of summer by giving back to our awesome guests this Labor Day Weekend. We appreciate all the families, groups and die hard adventures who always make…

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