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, , , , , May 9, 2019 Snowshoe Mountain: Why Snowshoe is the Winter Getaway in West Virginia

When it comes to West Virginia, you might be wondering how the mild winters can become unique adventures you won’t want to miss?

, , , March 31, 2019 Springtime New River Gorge Whitewater Rafting Trips

Despite the fact that we’ve experienced lower-than-average temperatures this winter, the upcoming Lower New River spring whitewater rafting season is on track to begin on April 1. The ten-day forecast is teasing a 60-degree day…

, January 31, 2019 Road Trip! 5 Easiest Road Trips to ACE

Oak Hill, WV, is within four hours from five of the largest cities in the United States: Greensboro, Columbus, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and Lexington. ACE Adventure Resort’s proximity to these magnificent cities is just one of the many reasons we’re chief among West Virginia resorts.

January 29, 2019 Trail Race Training – Southside Trail Guide

Located deep in the New River Gorge and running parallel to the New River, The Southside Trail offers visitors a taste of West Virginia history, as well as an avenue to get outside and get…

January 23, 2019 Valentine’s Day: Give the Gift of Experiences.

Escape the crowds this Valentine’s Day and opt for a cozy getaway at ACE Adventure Resort. Tucked away in the West Virginia mountains, ACE offers a secluded destination for you to relax and unwind–and we’re offering up some great deals to make your holiday even sweeter!