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White Water Rafting In West Virginia


Overnight Whitewater Rafting Trips

Overnight Whitewater Rafting Trips

The only way to make a whitewater rafting trip with ACE Adventure Resort better is to make it last two days! Whether in the New River Gorge National Park or on the Gauley River, take some time to move at the river’s pace, and join us on one of our overnight rafting trips. Two days of amazing rapids and scenery with a night of riverside campfires and delicious cooked-for-you dinner and breakfast in between. Let our highly trained river guides not only take you through world class whitewater, but also facilitate an epic camping experience for you as well. From the milder, kid-friendly Upper New River Gorge Overnight, to the tops in the world Classic Gauley Overnight, we have a trip for all ages and experience levels. Each overnight trip includes a riverside lunch on both days of rafting plus a delicious dinner and breakfast prepared by your guides at camp. Depending on your trip, time at camp can include hikes to ghost town ruins, exploring nearby creeks and waterfalls, relaxing with a game of cornhole, or simply a good book and a hammock. On ACE’s overnight trips, you get to choose, because you’ve got no place to be but right here.

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If you’re really ready to get away from it all then an overnight whitewater rafting trip is the perfect escape. ACE Adventure Resort offers fully guided, all-inclusive river overnights on the New River Gorge and Gauley River of West Virginia.

Overnight in the New River Gorge National Park.

Lower New River Gorge Overnights

Experience the rush of whitewater rapids and the comradery of camping on ACE’s Lower New River Gorge Overnight trip. This two day adventure has a little bit of everything, from the mellow Class II and III rapids on day one, to the roaring Class IV and V rapids on day two. You’ll have the option to paddle a guided raft or test your whitewater skills in one of our inflatable kayaks on day one. Ease into the trip with some fun rapids and amazing scenery as you make your way to camp. Once there, take a explore a nearby creek, or have the guides show you some ruins and ghost towns from the 1800s mining era. After a delicious dinner and smores around the campfire, curl up in your sleeping bag and fall asleep listening to the river or staring up at a sky full of stars. Wake up to a hearty breakfast, and then be ready for some of the biggest and best whitewater in the East with over 20 different rapids. Great for families, groups, first-timers, and experienced rafters, the Lower New River Gorge Overnight Trip is one of our favorites!

Classic Gauley Overnight!

Classic Gauley Overnight

The best way to experience all that the Gauley River can give is to spend two days running its world class rapids on our Classic Gauley Overnight. Spend your first day padding the steep, powerful whitewater of the Upper Gauley, maneuvering through renowned Class V rapids like Pillow Rock, Lost Paddle, and the 14’ waterfall Sweet’s Falls. After 11 miles, find yourself at our private riverside Woods Ferry Overnight site. Get dry and enjoy some time around the fire, take a waterfall hike up Ramsey Branch Creek, or sit and soak in the sights and sounds of the Class IV Woods Ferry rapid. Your guides will navigate the camp kitchen just as well as the whitewater, serving you some amazing dinner and breakfast options before embarking on the Lower Gauley for day two. Though not as steep as the Upper, the Lower Gauley is known for its huge, crashing waves, stunning scenery, and for being the most remote section of whitewater that we offer. Paddle 14 miles, including three more Class V rapids, on your way to completing the entire Gauley River. ACE’s Classic Gauley Overnight is the best way to take in every last drop of that Gauley goodness!

Upper New River Gorge Overnight!

Upper New River Gorge Overnight

Looking for the perfect way to introduce your little ones to the joy and adventure of rafting and camping? Join us for two days of family-friendly rafting on our Upper New River Gorge Overnight trip. Let our experienced river guides handle the logistics and the cooking, and you just enjoy the whitewater and the views. Paddle the Class II and III rapids of the Upper New in a raft with your guide, or spice things up a bit by navigating them in your own inflatable kayak. The warm water and mellow currents make for great opportunities to hop in for a swim as well. Once at camp, have some fun playing in the waterfalls of Rush Run Creek, or enjoy a game of cornhole with the kids. Your river guides will take care of the cooking, whipping up some delicious dinner and desert as well as breakfast the next morning. Day two is another fun day of whitewater and river time explorations, making your way through the New River Gorge. For family rafting and camping adventures, there’s no better trip than ACE’s Upper New River Gorge Overnight.

Multisport Riverside Overnights

Would you like to combine your rafting trip and riverside overnight with a second adventure? Maybe you’d like to zipline along the cliffs of the New River Gorge or climb and rappel on rocks. ACE offers and exclusive adventure that will fit this bill perfectly. Our Multisport Riverside Overnights combine a rafting trip on the Upper or Lower New River Gorge with an overnight camping in the National Park and a second adventure. Click the button below to learn more!

3 seasons of amazing whitewater!

When we hear the words spring, summer, and fall, all we hear is “whitewater”. With three seasons of whitewater, each with their own unique traits, it’s always a great time to be on the river with ACE.

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