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My Favorite New River Gorge Hikes


My Favorite New River Gorge Hikes

Burrowed deep in the mountains of West Virginia is a treasure that locals have kept hush hush-but not for much longer. The New River Gorge is the newest national park and we’ve decided it’s time to share America’s best kept secret. The New River Gorge is home to some of the most breathtaking trails in the world. From views of the New River Gorge Bridge to historic scenery at ACE Adventure Resort, there is a hike for everyone and every age! When you dive into the magic that is the New River Gorge, you are entering a world unlike anything you have ever experienced. With lush forests, wildlife, rolling mountains, and rugged landscapes like you’ve never seen, the New River Gorge is a trip everyone needs to make at least once in their lifetime.

Woman enjoying a hike at ACE Adventure Resort

West Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful overlooks on the East Coast (maybe the world, but that’s just my opinion). Growing up in West Virginia has given me the gift of the outdoors. Surrounded with so much beauty right in my backyard, I know all the best trails like the back of my hand. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a trail just for you. If you’re new to West Virginia and wanting to get the best view of the epic New River Gorge Bridge, then check out Long Point! This almost three mile hike is seriously rewarding once you get a glimpse of the Bridge in all its glory.

We’re pretty proud of the New River Gorge National Park (if you couldn’t tell). Even though I was born and raised in West Virginia, the New River Gorge never loses its magic. After 21 years, I’m still finding more things to love about this wonderful place I call home. For those vacationing or who are new to West Virginia, I recommend checking out the Endless Wall Trail! This hike is over two miles and the perfect way to spend any morning or afternoon. With ladders that lead to secret nooks and crannies and epic climbing routes, this is a hike for any outdoor lover. Endless Wall manages to capture the beauty of the New River Gorge National Park in an indescribable way. Spend a few hours hiking Endless Wall and you’ll understand why the New River Gorge is so loved.

My personal favorite hike is the Oather Trail which begins near the Welcome Center at ACE! This relatively easy hike takes around an hour to complete and leads to a horseshoe bend in the River that is a must see. This trail takes you to the Concho Overlook where you get a perfect view of West Virginia history! The overlook not only gives you an epic view of the New River, but you also get to see Thurmond. This small town located right on the river is now considered a staple for anyone looking to learn about West Virginia’s wild and wonderful history. Another great way to intertwine history with beautiful scenery is hiking at the Nuttall Mine Ruins! Take a hike in this beautiful place and find pieces of history that can only be truly captured through seeing it first hand. Pick a trail and let the heavenly surroundings tell you stories from the past.

BY Larkin Cook

Larkin grew up here at ACE Adventure Resort and on the New River. Her dad, Jerry, is one of the owners of ACE, so adventure is in her blood. When Larkin isn’t studying at Concord University, she is working in the marketing department as a social media specialist. Larkin enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting, and being outdoors. If you can’t find Larkin at ACE or on the River, she’s at home with her cats Misa and Oscar.