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Best Spots to Capture the West Virginia Landscape


The New River Gorge in West Virginia is one of the most scenic parts of the country. Luckily, when you visit ACE Adventure Resort, we highlight so many beautiful views of the West Virginia landscape on every adventure, such as zipline tours, white water rafting, and more. You should want to document the natural beauty during your trip, so you can remember your vacation more vividly by having some photos to look back on. Plus, you can share them with friends and family upon returning home, to give them a glimpse into your getaway. Make sure to visit these spots and take advantage of these cool photography ideas during your time in Oak Hill. 

Concho Overlook 

Concho Overlook is one of the most popular places to take in the beauty of the West Virginia landscape. After you hike a little over half a mile to the overlook, you’ll be able to witness a hairpin turn in the New River, as well as the hilly terrain that surrounds it. This hike is great for all skill levels, which is perfect because it’s one of our best vacation picture ideas as well. 

Sweets Falls 

In the New River Gorge, ACE Adventure Resort is one of two lucky outfitters that have access to Sweets Falls. By signing up for our Fall Upper Gauley adventure, we’ll take your right to it during the lunch break. If you finish eating a little early, take advantage of the view and capture a few memories in front of the unique West Virginia landscape. 

Gorge Side Zipline Tour Platform 

While all of our zip lines have incredible views of the New River Gorge, make sure to check out Platform [insert platform here]. Take a picture of the sights before you zip across, and you won’t regret it! ACE is the only outfitter with views of the New River Gorge, by the way—so visit us for these views of the West Virginia landscape, if nothing else. 

The West Virginia Landscape at ACE Adventure 

No matter which adventures you sign up for, you’re sure to get some great family vacation pictures highlighting not only you and your loved ones but also the gorgeous West Virginia landscape behind you. For more information about adventures with ACE, visit our website or give us a call at 800-787-3982.

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