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The Most Beautiful West Virginia Bike Trails


Are you looking for a new mountain bike challenge that’s equally exigent, scenic, and altogether unforgettable? Look no further than West Virginia’s sprawling New River Gorge, one of the nation’s most photographed natural wonders. Folks are lining up their family adventure travel plans with a course set for the breathtaking Appalachian Mountains in anticipation of yet another glorious summer here at ACE Adventure Resort, where paddlers, pedalers, and hikers from all across the East Coast rally. Thanks to an astounding effort by our team, in terms of procedure, sterilization, and cleanliness, rafting and ziplining tours have resumed. But we also urge future guests to explore some of the area’s most beloved West Virginia bike trails, many of which roll along the New River Gorge’s edge.

Thrilling West Virginia Bike Trails: Explore the Gorge

For those that have never visited ACE Adventure Resort, it’s worth noting that some of the prettiest West Virginia bike trails can be accessed from the west end of our 1,500-acre property. There are several ways to take advantage of ACE’s convenient, undeniably idyllic location. Firstly, we offer an array of guided tours, ranging in length and scope. Secondly, experienced bikers can join our singletrack clinic. Thirdly, we boast a small fleet of bike rentals for those who prefer to explore solo (or in small packs). Lastly, we’re situated near an eclectic mix of classic West Virginia bike trails that are equally accessible, picturesque, and semi-challenging. Keep reading to learn more about the area’s best trails.

Brooklyn to Southside Junction

This 6.5-mile excursion is perfect for families or novice riders looking for a semi-brief, albeit scenic ride along the New River Gorge’s western edge. This easy-going jaunt along an abandoned railroad line is arguably the most popular ride in the region, primarily because it appeals to the masses. Riders will enjoy the New River views, rolling hills, rugged bluffs, and evidence of the railroad’s storied past.

Rend Trail

Rend Trail, a level, 3.4-mile trail that hooks up with ACE Adventure Resort, often ranks among the prettiest West Virginia bike trails gear toward beginners. Along the well-kept trail, you’ll pedal alongside a ghost town (Thurmond), rocky bluffs, boardwalks, and, yes, the wide New River Gorge. Again, this ride is as smooth as they come.

New River Coal Country

New River Coal Country is the lengthiest (and perhaps most difficult) ride in the region, measuring nearly 32 miles with 3,000 feet of elevation gain. It’s a behemoth that should only entice experienced riders looking for a full day of true tranquility and pulse-pounding physical exertion. Many of the area’s tallest vantage points can be obtained along this diverse trail. Pedaling through railroad and coal country during autumn’s peak is quite the thrill!

Summit Bechtel Reserve

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is one of the least frequented West Virginia bike trails in the New River Gorge National River system. It requires a short drive from ACE, but it’s well worth the trek. This small cluster of trails weaves and winds around the side of a 2,800-foot-tall mountain just south of Oak Hill. Unlike the three trail systems listed above, this is an authentic mountain bike park experience.

Appalachian-Style Family Adventure Vacations

After a half-day of mountain biking in West Virginia, join a whitewater rafting, zip line canopy, or rock climbing tour. Perhaps the greatest aspect of a getaway to ACE is the seemingly endless array of recreational possibilities, all of which are steps from our various lodging options. This summer aims to be yet another stellar season of Appalachian exploration, so don’t forget to browse through our adventurous vacation packages before booking that next escape.

An interesting aspect of our four-season resort is that we’re also a stellar beach vacation alternative, as we boast a sandy beach, restaurants, a water park, paddling, boating, and so much more! Please give us a call today at 800-787-3982 to learn more about our particularly exhilarating slice of West Virginian paradise!

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