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Paintball Wars, Cave Tours, and More! 5 Obscure Activities at ACE


ACE Adventure Resort is widely regarded as the home to world-class whitewater rafting, but our team has meticulously crafted dozens of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by thrill-seekers of all ages. By now you’ve heard about our extreme rock climbing, breathtaking hiking trails, and challenging Upper Gauley River rafting, but ACE also has many obscure activities, all in one place, something you cannot find at other West Virginia resorts. We’re going to shine a light on some of our lesser-known activities: caving, paintball, disc golf, mud obstacle course, and bridge catwalk tour.

Wild Cave Tours

ACE Adventure Resort’s wild cave tours are perfect for those who love exploration, obstacles, and a challenge. Caving is an acquired taste for many, but we cannot stress enough that a wild cave tour is one of the most exciting activities we offer at ACE. Your group will explore many undeveloped crevices in our underground cavern. This four-hour journey meanders for miles along chambers and passageways that few others have traversed. No prior experience is required, and the minimum age is ten years old.

Paintball Wars

Whether you’re looking for a two-hour group paintball rental or a quick game before a water activity, ACE Adventure Resort has three fields that are a short walk from our West Virginia cabin rentals. Many groups, reunions, and large families play friendly yet thrilling games of capture the flag with paintball guns in hand.

Disc Golf

Play 18 holes of disc golf on our scenic, challenging 60,000 foot-long course for free! The Wonderland Disc Golf Course weaves through mountain-top trails, open fields, hills, and thick woods. Even experienced disc golfers will have their hands full on this PDGA-registered course.

Bridge Catwalk Tour

Walk the 24-inch wide catwalk on one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, overlooking the gorgeous New River Gorge. The New River Bridge is the longest single-arch structure in the Western Hemisphere. Your group or family will walk 1.5 miles while strapped into a safety cable nearly 900 feet above the New River – what a rush!

Mud Obstacle Course

Our mud obstacle course features steep climb-up slopes, run-through tires, moving bridges, army crawls, and so much more! This team-building and bonding activity is a favorite among large groups such as girl and boy scouts.

West Virginia Cabin Rentals

Thrill-seekers from all across North America choose ACE Adventure Resort as their extreme outdoor headquarters because we provide world-class activities, personalized service, and cozy West Virginia cabin rentals. Plan an extended stay in one of our favorite fall cabins, including the historic Truman Lodge. Give us a call at 877-787-3982, or visit ACERaft.com to learn more about our BOGO winter cabins.

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