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Your Next Challenge: the Upper Gauley River


Thrill-seeking whitewater rafters rejoice because the Fall Gauley season is fast approaching. For those who have braved the rapids on the Lower New River Gorge, or any other class V rapids, seek out the Upper Gauley River for your next adventure. The Upper Gauley should be the next milestone in your quest to master the very best river adventures. With spectacular cabins and cottages and premier West Virginia camping locales, ACE Adventure is your fall whitewater rafting headquarters. The pulse-pounding Upper Gauley River is an ideal autumn test for experienced rafters.

The Upper Gauley River

The Upper Gauley is one of the best whitewater rivers in the world, earning the nickname the “beast of the east.” It’s also widely known as West Virginia’s most legendary run. The river is a seasonal, dam-released marvel with breathtaking canyon vistas that may distract you from your task at hand: conquering the Upper Gauley River. It runs through the breathtaking Gauley River National Recreation Area on the northern edge of the Appalachian Mountains.

Accept the Challenge

Unlike the Lower Gauley, the Upper river has steep drops, gigantic holes, and titanic waves. This rollercoaster ride has more than 100 significant rapids, making the Upper Gauley one of the toughest runs in the U.S. The Upper Gauley drops nearly 350 feet in less than 13 miles. We wouldn’t recommend the Upper Gauley to any inexperienced or apprehensive rafters. This whitewater run will equally challenge your body and mind. If you’re looking for a premier North American whitewater trip, the Upper Gauley River is a challenge worth accepting.

West Virginia Camping

After the most thrilling experience of your life on the Upper Gauley, relax in the serene Appalachian Mountains. For a one-of-a-kind West Virginia camping trip, enjoy amazing sunsets and drive-up camping convenience at ACE’s Mountain Top Campground. Early fall evenings are cool and crisp, and the campsites at the Mountain Top Campground afford breathtaking sunset views. ACE Adventure is the #1 adventure resort in the country: you can also try night zip-lining, caving, or rappelling. ACE is a day’s drive from some of the largest cities in North America, so pack the car and accept the challenge of a lifetime!

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