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Relaxing Water Activities in West Virginia


You might have seen the white water and realized it was calling your name, but ACE Adventure Resort offers more than cruising down the river at lightening speed. There are plenty of activities that will place you in the waters of West Virginia where you’ll have a relaxing time. Just like kayaking in WV, we offer a few other options to make the most out of your summer vacation on the lake.  

Get Fishy

While we know that you can grab your buddies and hit the New River for some intense rafting, you can also enjoy a day full of fishing. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep as you’ll be getting up at dawn so you can get more out of your All Day Fishing Trip. With 8 to 12 hours of fishing, we’re sure you’ll find just the right trophy for a photo. The New River plays host to quite a selection for all the hunters out there, smallmouth bass, catfish, muskie, walleye, and more. Bring your best fishing equipment, a fishing license, and your A game, and we’ll help you discover some of the best fishing spots within the New River Gorge!

Paddle Away

Stand up paddle boarding or SUPing has become a trendy sport over the last few years. There are many benefits to SUPing, some of them include better balance, working core muscles, and helping fix your posture. Sounds nice? Give it a try when you SUP At Summersville Lake All Day! Summersville is the perfect place to give this sport a shot. With lots of room, we’re sure you’ll be able to stand or kneel while calming cruising around the lake. If you need a little more practice, you’ll love our Evening SUP Sampler At ACE Beach. It’s also great if you’re a beginner as you’ll learn the basics so you can spend all day at Summersville.  

Ultimate All Day

Need more time on the water? Check out more of our SUP trips, or embark on the most magical all day adventure in West Virginia. Our Summersville Lake Pontoon Adventure will let you explore this lake scene by pontoon boat. You’ll get to enjoy more than just swimming in secluded inlets, with possibilities of beginner rock climbing, lake kayaking or SUPing and so much more, you might never want to go home! Let your water and lake adventure begin with ACE Adventure Resort.

Whether you choose kayaking in WV, or you want to enjoy all that the warm summer has to offer, book your end of summer trip with us! We’ll make sure your adventure for relaxation includes days by our beach, exploring a new activity upon a stand-up paddleboard, or feeling the wind in your hair as you cruise Summersville Lake. With much to do in West Virginia from crazy adventures on the river to calming ones, we have everything for everyone – just grab your friends and let the good times roll!

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