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Summertime Kayaking in WV


Summer in West Virginia is heating up, which means you’ll want to get on the water! Here at Ace Adventure Resort, we’re known for our wild rides down the New River Gorge in the summer and the Gauley during the Fall. Did you know that we also offer calming kayaking in WV? That’s right! Kayaking, which can be as peaceful or as thrilling as you’d like when you vacation at one the best West Virginia resorts.  

Take is Slow

First up, if you’re looking for a calm kayaking trip, where you get to go at your own pace, you’ll want to try our Summersville Lake kayaking trips. This amazing lake, nestled deep in the mountains, offers All Day and Half Day Kayaking adventures. Not only will you see the stunning sandstone cliffs, but the earthen Summersville Dam created in the late 1960’s to help control the Gauley River from flooding. As you move at your own pace on the largest lake in all of West Virginia, you’ll get to traverse the shoreline, with kayaks and professional guides and you’ll get a lesson on paddling, fundamental strokes, and boat control, then head out on the clear waters! Plus, kayaking in WV is a family fun adventure for all!

Speed it Up

Ready to brave the white water? During the summer, when the waters of the Gauley are low, you’ll be able to take your kayaking in WV from mild to wild. As the waters are monitored daily, if the river is too low, we use inflatable kayaks or, as well like to call them, duckies! You’ll find the Gauley River in the summertime creates a beautiful trio with spectacular water clarity, amazing wilderness views, and a maze of boulders you won’t believe. With this trio, you are sure to be in for an epic journey, unlike any other. That’s why we understand, kayaking the Gauley isn’t for everyone. It’s a challenge, and if you decide this trip is for you, we know you’ll have an adventure!

Kayaking Basics

On top of our fantastic half day and all day adventures, we even offer private kayaking clinics for groups or singles. These clinics are for those wanting to expand their knowledge of the sport deep within the white waters. If you don’t have experience but want to know more, no worries! Our Evening Jumpstart Kayak Roll Clinic is perfect for those wanting to learn more so they can continue this fantastic sport after heading back home.

Whether you choose to take a calmer route or want to challenge yourself to something new, kayaking in WV, is something everyone should try! Your Ace Adventure Resort vacation wouldn’t be the same without getting out on the rivers and lakes throughout our region. What are you waiting for? Book your kayaking trip today; we’ll supply the boats and paddles; you just have to satisfy your thirst for adventure in West Virginia woods!


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