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This winter, ACE has spent the off-season upgrading the heart and soul of our Adventure Resort – ACE Lake, now affectionately knows as Wonderland Waterpark! We will celebrate the grand opening of our new and improved facility in May that boasts a bigger white sandy beach, more changing rooms, an indoor arcade (just in case there’s any chance of rain), plus 50 new inflatable lake toys, more water slides and an expanded patio grill with table-side service for those who need to grab a bite after a day of playing outside.

Please watch your step as you navigate your way through the resort since we will still be working on improvement projects for the next few months. Summertime cannot come soon enough and we know you all are just as excited as we are to see the newest improvements to the lake area; since we still have nine more weeks of hard work to go, we wanted to show you some of the newest additions… check out the monster-sized water slide!

Conquer the mountain and climb thirty feet to the top before sliding into the lake below or fling your friends off the newest Saturn spinning ball (if you can make it to the top first!) Challenge your family to a wipe-out style obstacle course or embrace your inner hamster and run around the inside of a giant spinning tube. Whichever toy or activity you choose, the all-new Wonderland Waterpark has thrills for any age adventurer.

*We kept many of the same crowd-favorites: THE BLOB, Wet Willy Slide, Zipline, Euro Bungee and Climbing Wall will still be part of the new waterpark.

Need a reminder for when the lake is open? Starting in May, we’ll be open on weekends then starting Memorial Day Weekend we are open everyday from 9:00am until sundown. Save this schedule so you know when we’re open for a fun-tastic day on the lake!
Until you make the roadtrip, you can keep on enjoying this video from last year (thanks for helping us reach over 3 million people on social media with this!!) just to see how much fun we have here…

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