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White Water Rafting In West Virginia


About Raft Types And The Types Of Rafts We Use

About The Raft Types We Use

Whether you’re new to rafting, or you’re a seasoned paddler, you can choose your watercraft to ensure that you have the best day on the water! There are many different types of rafts. ACE Adventure Resort offers 4 different raft types to help you float your way downstream-a standard paddle raft, oar rig raft, ducky, or high performance “team extreme” raft.

Paddle Raft

Traditional Paddle Raft

This is the raft type that the majority of people choose to experience our rivers! Rafters will each be equipped with their own single blade paddle and will be instructed by their guide during the duration of their trip on how and when to paddle. This option is great for groups who want to raft together, and for groups rafting the Lower New with kids as young as 12. Paddle rafts provide a middle ground in performance and stability for rafters.

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Oar Rigs

Oar Rigs For Greater Guide Support

In an oar rig raft, your guide will be in control of rowing the raft. This makes it the best option if you choose to be in a raft on the Upper New River, or for groups with kids as young as 10 on the Lower New River Gorge. You’ll be equipped with a paddle of your own, allowing you to paddle while enjoying a more stable rafting experience due to the increased control from the oars.

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Inflatable Kayaks Called “Duckies”

Paddle your own ducky (inflatable kayak) on the Upper New River, or Team Extreme Trip. On the Upper New, kids as young as 6 can ride tandem with another person, while kids (and kids at heart) ages 10 and up can paddle their own ducky!  If you’re an experienced whitewater enthusiast, then the Team Extreme Inflatable Kayak Trip will allow you to explore whitewater where rafts can’t go. Duckies allow paddlers to experience the Gauley River during the summer months when water levels are lower. On both trips, you’ll be equipped with a double-bladed paddle, and will be led by a guide (also in a ducky) who will show you where to go and how to paddle your ducky.


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Team Extreme

12′ Performance Paddle Rafts

Ready for the biggest rafting thrills ACE has to offer? Raft in a Team Extreme High-Performance Raft on the New or Gauley Rivers! The smaller boat will allow your guide to maneuver your crew to give you the best ride possible! We call it Team Extreme for a reason. This raft size is only recommended for experienced rafters and adrenaline junkies.

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