Trail Life at ACE Adventure Resort

ACE is hosting an event for Trail Life in 2021! Find out more here.

Outdoor experiences are what Trail Life is all about. At ACE, we’ve been leading groups on adventures in the outdoors for 0ver 40 years, and are excited to welcome Trail Life to our 1,500-acre resort in the heart of the New River Gorge, bordering the nation’s newest national park, The New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.

By welcoming Trailmen to ACE, boys can experience the lessons that nature has to offer while having fun in the outdoors!  Leaders are built by experiencing the things that the outdoors, the way we were intended to. The challenges that these activities offer will help build the men of tomorrow. Whitewater rafting, rock climbing, zip-lining, paintball, and every adventure we offer in the New River Gorge…help your Trailmen acquire confidence and values.

Activities for Trailmen

For over 40 years, ACE Adventure Resort has been guiding groups down the rivers of the New River Gorge Region. Now, the New River Gorge is the nation’s newest national park, the New River Gorge Natinoal Park and Preserve, and we’re looking forward to welcoming a new generation of groups into our beautiful mountain home. While ACE began as a whitewater rafting company, we now host Trailmen on zipline tours, paintball, rock climbing, mountain biking, mud obstacle course, and SO much more!

Plus, we’ll make your adventure easy with: 

  • Adjusted non-profit pricing
  • Preparing some, or all, meals
  • Lodging or camping
  • Professional guides & staff
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Your group’s safety is ACE’s first priority

Trailmen Have Fun and Work Together at ACE!

Trailmen can play hard and work together while participating in activities at ACE! Whitewater rafting, perhaps the original teambuilding activity, is our most popular activity and is available on two different rivers for a variety of experience levels. Spend a day at our waterpark, or learn about STEM in one of our educational experience activities. Soar above the trees on the only zipline course with views of The New River Gorge, or take on rock climbing.

But that’s not all we offer for Trailmen to enjoy! ACE has hiking trails, mountain biking, a mud obstacle course, paintball, and a teambuilding challenge course! With so many activities, you could fill a week and still have more Trailmen activities to experience!



STEM With Adventure!

Learning is even better when it is a hands-on experience! At ACE, Trailmen can learn about STEM in a fun and experiential environment. Trailmen can choose from ACE’s STEM programs, all specifically designed in a way to help them learn in a fun and exciting way. Trailmen can raft, zip, climb, hike, or spend a day at Wonderland Waterpark learning about the world around them in the coolest classroom ever. Hydrology, Newton’s Laws of Physics, Geology, and more will be explored in the various classes, and Trailmen will perform experiments to further aid in their learning.

Not Your Average Waterpark

Kick back and relax at Wonderland Waterpark, OR go all out and experience all of the dozens of inflatable elements on this 5 acre lake. This is a waterpark like you’ve never seen, trust us. Zipline into the water, or tackle one of the waterslides. Blob your friends, or relax on the sandy beach. Jump from giant inflatable mountains, or take a spin on the huge planet-like orbs.  There are plenty of land-based activities around the lake too: giant chess, tetherball, ping-pong, and volleyball are among some of the activities Trailmen can participate in on land.

Trailmen Ready Group Amenities

Need a meeting space? ACE’s Lakeside Junction meeting room provides an indoor (climate controlled) space for your Scouts to meet in between adventures. Or, if you need an even larger area, our Mountain Top Concert Space has a 3,000 person capacity, with electrical hookups and bathrooms on site.

We know Trailmen have to eat plenty to fuel their adventures. ACE’s award-winning Lost Paddle Restaurant serves up delicious grub for hungry groups, no matter the size. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are available for any and all group size and budget.

Stay close to all the action at ACE’s Mountain Top Campground! Bring your own tent, or rent one from us, and sleep under the stars. If roughing it isn’t your thing, ACE has cabin and bunkhouse options as well!

Waterpark Passes

Water Park Full Day Pass

Whitewater Rafting Trips For Groups

Upper New River Rafting, Full Day – Kids Raft FREE!
$99 / $79.50 Youth, Kiddos 6-11 yrs. old are FREE!*
Memorial Day - Labor Day
Full Day
Kid-Friendly, Beginner
Full Day Lower New River Gorge Whitewater Rafting
Spring, Summer, Fall
Full Day
Kid-Friendly, Experienced Rafters (Teens And Adults), Beginner

Popular Guided Activities For Scouts

Group Lodging And Amenities

ACE Adventure  Groups

Whitewater rafting might just be the original team-building, outdoor adventure.  If not, it’s the best. ACE Adventure  Resort has been taking people rafting for nearly 40 years.  More importantly, we’ve been helping folks have fun, outside,  on their vacations for 4 decades. Let us share that same, high quality  experience with  your group this year!

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