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We are excited to share another guest confession from Brannon, a visitor from Tennessee, who admits she never thought she enjoyed rafting until she went with the right people and the right company! So get your best buds and hit the road for a wild ride down the Lower New River in an ACE boat – her story proves there’s just enough wild-ness for everyone and with fun people a good time on the water is guaranteed!


“One time I went rafting. And one time it wasn’t fun at all.

My first rafting experience I went down the New River with a company that was NOT my beloved ACE. (Let’s just be clear about that because it turns out there is a big difference.)

I didn’t have the time of my life like they said I would, and, frankly, I got out of the raft at Fayette Station feeling like I would never need or want to do it again. So from that day on, I avoided rafting and kept my recreational activities on the good ol’ reliable dry land (with the exception of stand up paddle boarding and zip lining which is technically not on the ground.)

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to stay away from ACE I decided I would just get my thrills from attending events like Mountain Music Festival and Party in the Holler. That was enough for me. Zip lining provided just the right amount of exhilaration for me as an adventurous poser who wants to experience just enough thrills to be able to post on Instagram and make my friends think I am a total thrill-seeker. Let’s be honest. I need to know there is basically no risk involved in order for me to accept a “challenge.”

That being said, a few buddies of mine at ACE that are cooler than me by 1000% convinced (read: peer pressured) me into accepting a challenge of going rafting again, promising me that I would have the time of my life if I just went with the right people, people that I could trust. Even though I knew good and well that it’s Mother Nature who has the final say, not my overly-confident raft guide friends.

I decided to give rafting another try.

A few pep talks and whines later, I was floating down the river heading towards the first rapid, having flashbacks of the previous terrible time and trying not to pee from fear (just check out the looks on my face!)

My guide got us gracefully through each and every rapid, coaching me the whole way and assuring me things were going to be okay, patiently tending to my every 3-year-old-esque freakout. I unexpectedly ended up having the time of my life the whole way down this time.

Rafting fears conquered!

I conquered fears that day and I pledged my allegiance to ACE Adventure Resort. The guides are simply superior, and I have no desire to ever let anyone peer pressure me into adventurous things again but them. So my advice to you, is if you’re like me and are sometimes scared of your own shadow but still thinking about going rafting down the Lower New River, don’t go with anyone but ACE.

(I haven’t been paid or bribed to say any of this, by the way, I’m truly just a huge nerdy fan and am so grateful to them for providing me with one billion smiles and lifetime of memories.)”-BRANNON

Aww… thanks, Brannon! We love you, too!! We loved seeing your smile as you were surprised by how much fun a rafting and camping adventure can be with us! See you again soon!!

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